Bleyl Students Place in Inventors’ Showcase

Students from Bleyl Middle School placed first and second in the sixth- through eighth-grade division at the 24th annual Young Inventors’ Showcase of Houston, hosted by the Children’s Museum of Houston.

Seventh-grade student Audrey Welsh won first place for her invention, the Zip-Me-Up, and earned $100, while seventh-grade student Katie Deakins won second place for her invention, the Sole Sanitizer, and earned $75.

Welsh’s Zip-Me-Up device assists with zipping up formal dresses. Consisting of a long pliable wire with alligator clips at each end, the Zip-Me-Up fastens to both the zipper and the top of the dress, allowing the wearer to pull up on the wire for easier zipping.

Deakins’ Sole Sanitizer is a closable wooden box that, when folded out, features a spongy surface with sanitizer for cleaning shoe soles prior to entering a house, as well as a carpeted surface for drying off the shoes.

The Young Inventors’ Showcase of Houston encourages the budding inventor in every child by providing a platform for children to share and celebrate their invention ideas. Throughout the year, children are invited to participate by developing a completely original invention or making improvements to an existing invention. During the city-wide showcase, the best inventions are showcased and judged for their ingenuity and merit.
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Bleyl Middle School seventh-grade student Audrey Welsh

Bleyl Middle School seventh-grade student Katie Deakins

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