Boys’ Golfers Qualify for Academic All-district Team

Cypress, TX (June 7, 2016)  Fifty-two CFISD student athletes qualified for the Academic All-District 17-6A Boys’ Golf Team, released following the 2016 golf season.

0607 Academic Golf 1 0607 Academic Golf 2

Cy Creek junior George Gilbert and Cy Springs junior Fabricio Pozas

Golfers qualifying for the academic all-district team finished the season in good standing and earned a composite weighted grade point average of 5.5 or higher for all classes for the two identified six weeks that make up the majority of their regular season.

The following golfers qualified for the team:

Academic All-District 17-6A Boys’ Golf Team

Name Grade School
Nicko Martinez 12 Cy-Fair
Laurence Crea 11 Cy-Fair
Ty Baumgartner 11 Cypress Creek
Ben Brock 11 Cypress Creek
George Gilbert 11 Cypress Creek
Drew Hurst 11 Cypress Creek
Josh Prim 12 Cypress Creek
Sam Shouse 9 Cypress Creek
Sam Williams 12 Cypress Falls
Bryce Penn 9 Cypress Falls
Corbin Kullberg 10 Cypress Falls
Trent Alford 9 Cypress Ranch
Jacob Cheramie 12 Cypress Ranch
Ben Cook 10 Cypress Ranch
Gavin Dubois 9 Cypress Ranch
Ruben Fourie 9 Cypress Ranch
Michael Goertz 12 Cypress Ranch
Kyle Gough 10 Cypress Ranch
Kyle Hogan 12 Cypress Ranch
Jordan Kirkman 12 Cypress Ranch
Cole Kohut 10 Cypress Ranch
Cory Kohut 12 Cypress Ranch
Parker Lowe 10 Cypress Ranch
Mac McClellan 9 Cypress Ranch
Justin McDaniel 10 Cypress Ranch
Jacob Roussel 11 Cypress Ranch
Enrique Tristan 11 Cypress Ranch
Michael Deleon 12 Cypress Ridge
Adrian Gonzalez 12 Cypress Ridge
Damian Garza 11 Cypress Springs
John Mata 11 Cypress Springs
Fabricio Pozas 11 Cypress Springs
Leo Vega 9 Cypress Springs
Gage Olfers 12 Cypress Woods
Gavin Vansomeren 12 Cypress Woods
Hunter McQuiggin 12 Cypress Woods
Justin Boncosky 12 Cypress Woods
Garrett Warner 11 Cypress Woods
Brandon Ayers 11 Cypress Woods
Cory Tomchesson 11 Cypress Woods
John Kearney 9 Cypress Woods
Riley Simmons 9 Cypress Woods
Sam Childress 12 Jersey Village
Nick Salley 11 Jersey Village
Nick Bristow 12 Jersey Village
Josh Kelly 12 Jersey Village
Tyler Spjut 12 Jersey Village
Mason Hicks 11 Jersey Village
Jacob Martin 12 Jersey Village
Kyle Metzger 11 Langham Creek
Derek Graber 12 Langham Creek
Aaron Green 10 Langham Creek
Courtesy of the District