Boys’ Soccer Players Earn Academic All-district Honors in Cy-Fair

CFISD boys’ soccer players qualified for the Academic All-District 17-6A Boys’ Soccer Team, released this week.

Soccer players named to the academic all-district team finished the season in good standing and earned a composite weighted grade point average of 5.5 or higher for all classes for the two identified six weeks that make up the majority of their regular season.

0422 Academic Boys

The following student athletes made the academic all-district team:

Name Grade School
Austin Fahy 12 Cypress Creek
Jason Ferrari 12 Cypress Creek
Josef Hollas 12 Cypress Creek
Alex Iverson 12 Cypress Creek
Karl Lawson 12 Cypress Creek
Cooper Kavanaugh 11 Cypress Creek
Jamie Badillo 12 Cypress Falls
Jordan Casillias 12 Cypress Falls
William Mendez 12 Cypress Falls
Reece Lance 11 Cy-Fair
Austin Lacy 12 Cy-Fair
Anthony Lockridge 11 Cy-Fair
Stephen Orihel 12 Cy-Fair
Alex Schmitzberger 12 Cy-Fair
Tyler Sorrells 12 Cy-Fair
Alexis Alvarez 11 Cypress Lakes
Brian Morales 12 Cypress Lakes
Alex Barboza 11 Cypress Ranch
Kieran Coull 12 Cypress Ranch
David Cruz 11 Cypress Ranch
Tony Del Valle 12 Cypress Ranch
Maximilliano Encina 12 Cypress Ranch
Danny Prasca 11 Cypress Ranch
Blake Lieberman 11 Cypress Ranch
Assem Makzoumi 11 Cypress Ranch
David Marroquin 11 Cypress Ranch
Matt McDevitt 11 Cypress Ranch
Martin Muzik 12 Cypress Ranch
George Toledo 11 Cypress Ranch
Cameron Townes 11 Cypress Ranch
Michael Tzimourakas 12 Cypress Ranch
Martin Vila 12 Cypress Ranch
Mark Reno 11 Cypress Ridge
Carlos Serrano 10 Cypress Ridge
Jonathan Castillo 11 Cypress Springs
Joshua Arroyave 10 Cypress Springs
Hugo Garcia 11 Cypress Springs
Hugo Valois 11 Cypress Springs
Giovanni Rivera 11 Cypress Springs
Brandon Mock 11 Cypress Woods
Isaac Recinos 11 Cypress Woods
Benjamin Dockery 12 Cypress Woods
Aidan Ferrer 12 Cypress Woods
Alexander Fojtasek 12 Cypress Woods
Brandon Hall 12 Cypress Woods
Nadir Pozegija 12 Cypress Woods
Andrew Silverman 12 Cypress Woods
Jacob Swonke 12 Cypress Woods
Alec Wier 12 Cypress Woods
Edgar Alaniz 10 Jersey Village
Phillip Guttierrez 10 Jersey Village
Jordan Henderson 11 Jersey Village
Carter Moon 11 Jersey Village
Manuel Caceres 12 Jersey Village
Jacob Driskell 12 Jersey Village
Carlos Flores 12 Jersey Village
Juan Perales 12 Jersey Village
Tom Hollis 11 Langham Creek
Steven Soriano 11 Langham Creek
Nick Burleson 12 Langham Creek
Brian Yeang 12 Langham Creek