CFISD Joins Celebration of Reading During Read Across America

Cypress, TX (march 4, 2016) CFISD Board members and administrators joined the National Education Association (NEA) in the annual Read Across America celebration the week of Feb. 29-March 4 by reading Dr. Seuss books to elementary school classes throughout the district.

Readers visited classrooms during the first week of March, corresponding with Dr. Seuss’ birthday (March 2).

0304 Read 7 0304 Read 2

CFISD police department Officer Katherine Meza and CFISD general counsel Marney Sims, read to students at Bane Elementary School; and Board President Darcy Mingonia reads a Dr. Seuss book to Hancock Elementary school students

Board member Tom Jackson, who read to students at the Early Learning Center 2, Copeland, Fiest and Lowery elementary schools on March 2, wore a Cat in the Hat outfit while acting out scenes and gestures throughout the book.

0304 Read 5

Dressed as The Cat in the hat, Board member Tom Jackson is surrounded by interested students at the Early Learning Center 2 on March 2.

“On this day we are able to be a Johnny Appleseed, spreading the joy of reading,” Jackson said. “The more campuses we touch, the more seeds we can plant. A child who is a joyful reader becomes a young adult who graduates. Each campus we visit is also a way of telling teachers we value highly that which they do.”

0304 Read 6 0304 Read 4

Michelle Voelkel, coordinator of marketing for the food service department, read to students at Jowell Elementary School; Board Secretary Christine Hartley reads to students at Ault Elementary School

Dozens of CFISD representatives read or plan to read to students during Read Across America season:

  • Darcy Mingoia, Board president – Hancock Elementary School;
  • Christine Hartley, Board secretary – Ault Elementary School;
  • Don Ryan, Board member – Reed Elementary School;
  • Tom Jackson, Board member – ELC 2, Lowery, Fiest and Copeland elementary schools;
  • Bob Covey, Board member – Sheridan, Lamkin and Keith elementary schools;
  • Teresa Hull, associate superintendent of governmental relations, communication and chief of staff;
  • Roy Garcia, associate superintendent of school administration and leadership development – Danish Elementary School;
  • Karen Smith, assistant superintendent of business and financial services – Moore Elementary School;
  • Dr. Ashley Clayburn, assistant superintendent of school improvement and accountability – Swenke Elementary School;
  • Marney Sims, general counsel – Bane and A. Robison elementary schools;
  • Ify Ogwumike, assistant superintendent of student services – Black Elementary School;
  • Gloria Cooper, director of student services/elementary – Lee Elementary School;
  • Josh Campbell, director of student services/secondary – McFee Elementary School;
  • Dave Schrandt, director of admissions, attendance and transfers – Yeager Elementary School;
  • Elaine Espino, personnel department – Bang Elementary School;
  • Janet Grayson, personnel department – Swenke Elementary School;
  • Tami Sheppard, personnel department – Hancock Elementary School;
  • Jill Smith, director of employee relations and professional staffing – Andre’ Elementary School;
  • Brenda Lozano, assistant director of professional staffing – Lieder Elementary School;
  • Lisa Nevins, human resources – Danish Elementary School;
  • Stefanie Bates, human resources – Holmsley Elementary School;
  • Shirley Brom, human resources – A. Robison Elementary School;
  • Kristina Piper-Osorio, human resources – Matzke Elementary School;
  • Rose Odell, school improvement and accountability – Woodard Elementary School;
  • Michelle Voelkel, coordinator of marketing for food service – Jowell Elementary School;
  • Alan Bragg, CFISD chief of police – Lamkin Elementary School;
  • Mike Baker, CFISD assistant chief of police – Birkes Elementary School;
  • Carol Kelly, CFISD police sergeant – Andre’ Elementary School;
  • Matt Williams, CFISD police captain – Adam Elementary School;
  • Patrick Arnett, CFISD police sergeant – Owens Elementary School;
  • Shane Wallace, CFISD police sergeant – M. Robinson Elementary School; and
  • Katherine Meza, CFISD police officer – Bane Elementary School.

0304 Read 3 0304 Read 1

Dressed as The Cat in the Hat, Board member Bob Covey greets Sheridan Elementary School students; Board memebr Don Ryan reads to students at Reed Elementary School as The Cat in the Hat


Courtesy of the District