Coaches Announce All-District Girls’ Basketball Team

Cypress, TX (February 29, 2016) District 17-6A coaches released the All-District 17-6A Girls’ Basketball Team on Feb. 29, following the conclusion of each team’s season in the UIL playoffs.

Cypress Woods High School sophomore Cate Reese was named the District MVP, while Jersey Village High School freshman Kaylynne Troung was named Newcomer of the Year and Cy-Fair High School senior Angela Harris was named Defensive Player of the Year.

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Cypress Woods Head Coach Virginia Flores and Cy-Fair Head Coach Ann Roubique were named Co-Coaches of the Year.

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The following athletes earned first team, second team and honorable mention all-district honors:

First Team All-District 17-6A

Name Grade School
Jasmine Williams 12 Cypress Woods
Nancy Mulkey 12 Cypress Woods
Kyler Wyatt 12 Cy-Fair
Olivia Noah 11 Cy-Fair
Joanne Allen-Taylor 10 Cypress Falls
DiDi Richards 11 Cypress Ranch
Ariana Whitfield 11 Cypress Ranch
Rachel Tapps 12 Cypress Ranch
Dyani Robinson 9 Langham Creek
Kayleigh Troung 9 Jersey Village
Tamia Jenkins 11 Cypress Lakes
Aaliyah Gayles 11 Cypress Creek


Second Team All-District 17-6A

Name Grade School
Leslie Lockridge 11 Cy-Fair
DaJia Traylor Craft 12 Cypress Falls
Daeja Monroe 11 Cypress Falls
Alyssa Guerrero 11 Cypress Ranch
Briley Perkins 9 Langham Creek
Dezeree’ White 10 Langham Creek
Tia Tolbert 10 Cypress Springs
Toraya Bass 12 Cypress Springs
Tasiia Hayes 12 Cypress Springs
Kendra Houston 12 Cypress Lakes
Tacara Toliver 12 Cypress Creek
Khari Clark 9 Cypress Ridge


Honorable Mention All-District 17-6A

Name Grade School
Alyson Hanson 10 Cypress Woods
Ali Reese 11 Cypress Woods
Paige Gant 12 Cypress Woods
Chania Malloy 12 Cypress Woods
Triniti Knight 11 Cy-Fair
Cynthia Garza 12 Cy-Fair
Nia Fuller 12 Cypress Falls
Kayla Godfrey 12 Cypress Falls
Janvier Branch 12 Cypress Falls
Kiara McElroy 12 Cypress Falls
Dionanna Davis 12 Cypress Falls
Dajia Cormier 10 Cypress Falls
Becca Watzke 11 Cypress Ranch
Taylor Coleman 12 Cypress Ranch
D’Asia Collins 10 Cypress Ranch
Ugnoma Ogbonnaya 12 Langham Creek
Courtney Faver 11 Langham Creek
Carma Nkola 12 Cypress Springs
Patricia French 12 Cypress Springs
Tiffany Mack 9 Cypress Springs
Kyra Collins 10 Jersey Village
Kyla Collins 10 Jersey Village
Christina Roberts 12 Jersey Village
Aaliyah Davis 12 Cypress Lakes
Cierra Greer 10 Cypress Lakes
Megan Dubrevil 11 Cypress Creek
Kristine Ezimako 10 Cypress Creek
Courtesy of the District