Cy-Christian Celebrates 35 Years

Cypress Christian marked its 35th birthday in April. K-12 students, teachers, and families enjoyed celebrating God’s faithfulness and their CCS heritage with a week-long birthday party complete with campus-wide decorations, blue and white dress-up day, birthday cake, and fun campus and online contests. Fun facts from when the school was founded in 1978: CCS only had 18 students. The average cost of a gallon of gas was 68 cents and a postage stamp cost 15 cents. The cost of a movie was $2 per person for great movies like Star Wars and Superman. Popular communication and music devices were radios, eight-track tape players, and CB radios as there were no personal computers, emails, IMs, IPods, cell phones, or text messaging. Now: CCS has over 670 students and the cost of living and entertainment has definitely gone up. However, some things never change: CCS is still honored to help prepare students for success today and throughout their lives, so they can bring honor to the Lord Jesus Christ and make a positive impact in our world.