Cy Creek Alums Honored with Golden Footballs

Cy-Fair, TX (January 26, 2016) Cypress Creek High School recognized three alumni and Super Bowl champions with a Wilson Golden Football presentation during halftime of the Cypress Creek boys’ basketball game on Jan. 26.

0126 Golden Football 3

The celebration was part of the Super Bowl High School Honor Roll initiative, recognizing schools and communities that contributed to Super Bowl history and positively impacted the game of football.

Three Cougar alumni were recognized with commemorative Wilson Golden Footballs that will be displayed at Cypress Creek:

  • Sam Adams, 1991 graduate and Super Bowl XXXV champion
  • Cameron Fleming, 2010 graduate and Super Bowl XLIX champion
  • Dan Neil, 1992 graduate and Super Bowl XXXII and XXXIII champion

Although Adams and Fleming were unable to attend the ceremony, Neil—a two-time champion with the Denver Broncos—returned with some praise for his former high school.

“As far as my career in football, I couldn’t think of a better place to begin your career than this high school, this school district and this city,” Neil said. “We had great leadership, great coaches and a great environment. I’m very honored to be a Cy Creek Cougar.”

Neil’s and Adams’ former high school coach, Les Koenning, supported his players at the event.

0126 Golden Football 4

“I coached here 21 years, and so many of the players are special,” he said. “Dan and Sam worked hard to achieve their goals and they were fortunate they got into the Super Bowl. I’m proud of every one of them.”

Neil said he felt honored to have a Golden Football with his name on it given to Cypress Creek.

“To think that ball’s going to be in the trophy case for years to come is really something that I don’t have words for,” he said. “I think it helps set a great tradition for the current students that tells them that anything is possible.”

Nearly 3,000 players and head coaches who were part of Super Bowl rosters, and more than 2,000 high schools, were recognized in the Honor Roll initiative, part of the NFL’s On The Fifty campaign commemorating Super Bowl 50, set for Feb. 7 in San Francisco.

0126 Golden Football 2