How To Be a Cy-Fair Football Mom

Managing the busy schedules that lead up to Friday Night Lights  

Written by Marysabel Cardozo | Photography by Sara Isola

1. Get Organized
Once the fall season arrives, football moms know it’s time to buckle up for a ride. In order to ease the stress of it all, Kay Routh’s family use the Cozi calendar to keep everyone organized and aware of each other’s schedules. “The key is to plan ahead, be flexible, and communicate with everyone in the family frequently,” Routh says.

2. Focus on Priorities
Moms also have to make sure their sons are tackling their goals in the classroom and not just the field. Cotrina Matthews admits her family’s schedule can be hectic due to the high expectations for her son, Carrington, a sophomore at Langham Creek. Apart from Lobos football, Carrington is very active in his church and community, maintains a part-time job, and has earned a spot on the distinguished honor roll. “I must give it my best to prepare for the real world,” Carrington says.

CFM_F_14_football moms_Katy Routh, Cotrina Matthews, and Tiffany Thaxton_by Sara Isola (1)

All moms agree that trusting the coaches and trainers is important; no son wants a “momma bear” running onto the field

3. Find a Support System
Being support systems for their sons has given the moms a chance to befriend other moms with the same responsibilities. Tiffany Thaxton, mother of Layne, who has been a part of the Cy-Fair Sports Association for the last two years, found a football mom who shared her tendency to cheer the loudest and argue with referees. “Her and I bonded over little league football and two years later we are the best of friends and so are our little football players,” she says.

Matthews and Routh have grown closer to their fellow football parents because of the amount of time they spend together. Matthews thanks the “wolf pack” for feeling so welcomed. “It’s interesting when you are approached if running late to a game and told, ‘We were wondering where you were; the game’s not the same.’ Music to my ears,” Matthews says. Routh is part of Cy Ranch’s MOM’s club, which works together to plan various events before, during, and after the season. “All of us working together is not only fun, but it shows our boys that we are
behind them both on and off the field,” Routh says.

CFM_F_14_football moms_fullgroupcloseup_by Sara Isola

Noah and Kay Routh; Carrington, Cotrina, and Cameron Matthews; and Tiffany and Layne Thaxton understand the importance of having a supportive mom behind their Cy-Fair Football star

4. Stay Positive
Above all, the moms’ constant cheering and support is what truly fuels the athletes. The ladies advise all football moms to be there. Rain or shine. Win or lose. “Our kids will know that we have their back no matter what,” Matthews says. And on those unfortunate nights when the boys get hit with defeat, Thaxton says to find what they did well and commend them on it. “Lift them up when they are down,” she adds. “When they win after that hard-fought game, let them know just how awesome they are.”

Although there are some challenges, Thaxton loves being a part of her son’s football journey. “Being a football mom means having faith and cheering on 24 boys and encouraging them to try their best in everything they do,” Thaxton says.

Their one-of-a-kind support is what motivates their sons to work hard to pursue their goals. “I appreciate her constantly sacrificing her time and energy to support me and the team,” Carrington says of his mother. “It’s good to have fans cheering for us, but it’s nothing like my mom. The game just wouldn’t be the same.” CFM

CFM_F_14_football moms_Layne Thaxton, Noah Routh, Carrington and Cameron Matthews_by Sara Isola (2)

MARYSABEL CARDOZO is a Cypress Woods alumna. She is a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in journalism.