Cy-Fair ISD Approves 2015 – 2016 Budget

Cypress, TX News (June 25, 2015)The Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Board of Trustees adopted the 2015-2016 budget in the amount of $882,957,679 during the regular meeting on June 25.

The budget includes local tax revenues of $455,573,270, state revenues of $378,859,409 and miscellaneous/federal revenues of $48,525,000.

The proposed tax rate for 2015-2016 of $1.44 – comprised of a $1.04 Maintenance & Operations Tax rate and $0.40 Interest & Sinking (I&S) Tax rate – remains unchanged from the 2014-2015 school year, which marked a tax rate decrease from 2013-2014.

The 2015-2016 budget plan provides for:

  • a starting teacher salary of $51,500;
  • a salary increase of $2,000 for all classroom teachers;
  • a 5.00-percent-of-midpoint salary increase to clerical, hourly support and instructional paraeducator positions;
  • a 4.00-percent-of-midpoint salary increase to all other employees;
  • pay range adjustments and equity increases to certain clerical paraeducator, hourly support, instructional paraeducator and central administration positions;
  • funding for additional classroom teachers to staff K-4 classrooms at 22:1;
  • funding for class size reduction at Title 1 campuses;
  • additional police officers and police vehicles;
  • additional HVAC technicians, painters, custodians and electricians;
  • the opening of Woodard Elementary School;
  • capital outlay purchases;
  • teachers and other expenses related to student enrollment growth;
  • funding for FF&E replacement schedule; and
  • an additional 1.5-percent district contribution to the Teachers Retirement System (TRS).

Courtesy of Cypress-Fairbanks ISD