Cy-Fair ISD Student of the Week: Brian Janger

Sampson Elementary School fifth-grade student Brian Janger finished first in three events at the 2012 World Sport Stacking Association National Championships in Colorado last spring, then won four gold, two silver and one bronze medals at the 2012 AAU Junior Olympic Games in Houston. 

School: Sampson Elementary School

Age: 10

Grade: 5

Accomplishments: Straight A / Honor Roll student during all four years at Sampson; member of the Cy-Fair ISD Horizons program; Sampson Student Council Representative – fourth grade; Spelling Bee participant – 2 years; member of Team USA Sport Stacking — holds two state, one U.S. and one world record.

Favorite class:  Math. “I enjoy solving tough and complex problems.”

Favorite thing to do after class: Basketball, golf, cup stacking, and Minecraft.

Favorite song: “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor.

Favorite website: YouTube. “I enjoy watching funny videos and adding videos to my own personal YouTube channel.”

Favorite TV show: Wipeout. “It is funny watching people run the obstacle course and constantly fall down.”

Favorite Movie: The Avengers. “It is action-packed and has lots of great characters.”

Ambition: “I would like to be an accountant, because I love to work with numbers and want to use math in whatever I do for a career. I would also like to play basketball in college.”

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