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Fostering Love

Cy-Fair family opens their arms and hearts to help children in need

Written by Lana Timbs | Photography by Candace Cook

Cypress, TX News (December 3, 2014) – Most every family says they love children, but one family has stepped up to welcome needy children into their home. Lisa and Rodney Johnson currently have six children at home, including biological, adopted, and fostered. They have had an additional six who were foster care scenarios and reunited with family members.

Through the fostering and adoption processes, the Johnson family has grown a family of five to a family of eight. They have three biological children: Anna, 14, Grace, 10, and Joshua, 9. They also have one adopted child, Tori, 5, and two foster children, Miss M*, 3, and Little Miss K*, 1. Lisa Johnson says they follow a spiritual calling from God to embrace children needing a better environment and extra love.


Rodney and Lisa with their children, Little Miss K, Anna, Miss M, Tori, Joshua, and Grace


Raising Twins

How to navigate the twists and turns of parenting and celebrate each child’s unique gifts.

Written by Lorrie Crow Kimble | Select photography by Sara Isola

Kira Fisher, mom of 7-month-old twins Blake and Jade, says the difference in having twins is that she does everything twice. “I change two diapers, put two babies in their car seats, make two bottles, and get two babies dressed,” she says. But Fisher admits there are some things she was able to do with her first child Luke, 3, that she couldn’t do with both of her twins – like hold them both when they eat or hold them both for an extended period of time.

Although twice the effort can be a challenge, Fisher says, “I don’t know of many feelings better than the one that comes from waking up to two wiggly, happy babies smiling up at you from their crib. The work may double, but so does the love.”

Kira Fisher admits that having twins means twice the work, but the love is also multiplied.

Kira Fisher admits that having twins means twice the work, but the love is also multiplied.


The Digitized Family

A look at the dangers of too much screen time and how Cy-Fair families can find the right balance for connecting and socializing with family

Written by Cy-Fair Magazine’s Editors

Go to any restaurant and you’ll see it: an entire family, silent, all looking down at their devices instead of talking with each other. Some “hip” new restaurants are even offering media-inspired entertainment at the table to keep everyone occupied throughout the meal. As we spend more and more time checking Facebook, Instagram, and playing Candy Crush Saga, we are spending less and less time connecting as a family.

With the ease of access to the Internet and the constant feeling of being in-touch with friends through social media, many Cy-Fairians, from kids to adults, admit to being tempted to be “on” digitally all hours of the day. Teens aren’t the only ones glued to their smartphones. Parents are also facing attention-span issues between their tablets with games, movies, work emails, app notifications, and the cries of young children that are pacified by handing over the device. But experts say this attempt to socially multitask is actually leaving negative imprints on families as they struggle to find ways to connect.


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