Cypress Falls is Never Afraid to Serve

The Cypress Falls Key Club recently attended the 2013 “Don’t Be Afraid to Serve” District Convention (DCON) in Dallas, Texas. Held at the Sheraton Hotel, DCON is a gathering of over 1,100 high school volunteers as well as 200 chaperones.

“As soon as you arrive at the opulent Sheraton Hotel,” immediate past treasurer and current vice president Blake Jones11 said, “you are enveloped in a sense of unity and passion. Everyone there is just like you. Not in the sense that we all look or dress the same but that everyone there wants to change the world, and DCON is the place to get it done.”

The participants spent the four-day event contributing to fun service activities, attending character-building workshops, competing in exciting contests, and electing their leaders for the upcoming year.

“DCON was such a life-changing experience this year,” immediate past president and current Lieutenant Governor Gabi Bradshaw11 said, “I learned so much about how to become a leader in my community and how to inspire members to serve. I also developed many new friendships with Key Clubbers from around Texas and Oklahoma.” Out of over 470 clubs in the Texas-Oklahoma district –nine of which are from CFISD—Cypress Falls was celebrated in the Top 25 Clubs as the fourth best Key Club. In addition, the individual members won numerous awards. Maryam Arjomandi12 was awarded for her service with a $1,000 scholarship, which will go toward the cost of her books and fees at the University of Texas next year. Mohammed Syed10 won first place for the Club Video while Sachit Saksena11 won first place for the District Project. Tashrima Hossain10 also took home first place for the Club Newsletter and third place in the Oratory contest. During the Texas vs. Oklahoma Quiz Bowl, Jones and Hannah Norem11 were two of the five students to represent Texas. After an intense match, Jones, Norem, Martin High School’s Osman Moneer11, Bellaire High School’s Jenny Li11, and Lamar High School’s Gregory Ross11 were able to snag the Quiz Bowl title back from Oklahoma.

Cypress Falls also earned three additional patches to add to their distinguished Key Club banner. The club won patches for participating in the Eliminate Project, an organization designed to eliminate maternal/neonatal tetanus, as well as the Governor’s B.R.O. Project, which concentrated on working with the Children’s Miracle Network. Moreover, Louis Kirkley won a patch for his Distinguished website (

“I am so proud to work with such an amazing group,” club sponsor Kathie Kiklas said, “They always go beyond what is asked of them.  DCON is wonderful training to enhance leadership skills.”

Several Cypress Falls students were elected to divisional and district-level leadership positions for the upcoming school year. Bradshaw was elected as the Division 3N Lieutenant governor, and she will serve as the head of Key Clubs throughout Cy-Fair and Katy. Roshni Chandwani11 not only coordinated the four-day weekend as the immediate past Convention Liaison, but she was also endorsed to run for International Trustee during the summer International Convention at Washington D.C. Hossain was elected as the District Editor, and she will serve the District by creating bimonthly magazines and overseeing clubs’ publications during the 2013-204 year.

“District Convention was exquisite,” current president Amy Jiang10 said, “Perhaps ecstatic would be the word to show the feelings of our Key Club as we won numerous awards. Committed was our attitude as we grew stronger and better as a group. Inspiration sparked within us at the forums as we learned more about this international, monumental organization. Leaders, is what we came back from District Convention as.”

Bradshaw with 4th Place Trophy

Submitted by Tashrima Hossain