Cypress, TX News-Catholic School Appreciates Classical Bach

Cypress, TX News – (October 13, 2014) – Third and fourth grade students at Christ the Redeemer Catholic School recently went on their first field trip to listen to the famous J.S. Bach organ pieces at the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in downtown Houston.

CtR Catholic School students with Principal Betty Sierra at the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

Christopher Jacobson, the featured Duke University Chapel Organist and formerly assistant organist at Washington National Cathedral, performed in a rare two-day event.  Jacobson performed the complete 257 organ works of Bach in the short span of 22 hours.

CtR Catholic School Spanish, music and art teacher Mary Ann Addis said this presentation was important for the students to witness.

“They carried much delight in seeing a passionate organist’s attempt to bring one’s heart closer to God through each key stroke,” Addis said. “The Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Houston is such a beautiful sanctuary. The sound of the organ along with the beauty of the crucifix, statues, candles and stained glass windows, were both prayerful and enriching to the mind, heart and soul, which is the philosophy of Catholic schools.”

Addis said, even though Bach was a church musician, many of his organ works were freely composed and  not based on any hymn tune or preexisting textual or musical theme. In spite of this, Addis said, all of his music is sacred in some sense.

“We all consider him the greatest church musician for a good reason,” Addis continued. “The orderliness of his creative energy, the balance of delightful freedom and structured discipline that you hear in his music – it’s beautiful to people because it participates in one of God’s most marvelous attributes: His creativity. We all share that capacity as human beings. We know instinctively that the best things in life come from a combination of hard work and those moments of inspiration that come as a gift.”

The CtR Catholic School students only witnessed Bach’s genius on the first day of the two-day event, but it was enough to help them understand the value and importance of classical music. Michele Norton, 3rd grade teacher, and Principal Betty Sierra also attended this first of many field trips. For more information about CtR Catholic School, visit or call 281-469-8440.