Cypress, TX News – Cypress Christian School Art Finalists

Cypress, TX News (January 10, 2015) – Cypress Christian School junior Tiffani Briggs was named a finalist for Artist of the Week, and seventh-grader Jillian Welch was awarded the Student Hall of Fame award for receiving three ribbons on her portfolio, reviews,  and artistry on a site that displays art created by junior high and high school students.

Welch Art Award

Twelve students at Cypress Christian School are Artsonia finalists and their artwork has been entered in the Space Foundation International Art contest. Finalists include sixth-grader John Macune, seventh-grader Jillian Welch, eighth-grader Tati Nadal, freshmen Brooklyn Bretz, Madison Kostak, and Tyler Landau, sophomores Hannah Hurst and Chris McKnight, juniors Lina Parodi and Christian Vasquez, and seniors Francis Ajibero and Caleb Fowler.

More than 1,340 secondary student art works have been published since September 2014, and more than 3,090 since August 2013. CCS high school art is ranked #3 in the state and #27 in the nation on the Artsonia site.

Shown in photo: Seventh grader Jillian Welch  is shown with fellow artist Lauren Crowhurst.