Cypress, TX News – Cypress Woods Student Wins Award in Cupcake Battle

Cypress, TX News (May 19, 2014) - Cypress Woods High School junior Shelby Richey won the Best Appearance award in the third annual Hospitality Educators Association of Texas (HEAT) State Cupcake Battle, held April 21-22 in Allen.

Richey baked and decorated one dozen cupcakes in an allotted time period, which were tasted and critiqued by a team of judges from the hospitality industry.

Richey made chocolate-covered cherry cupcakes for the competition.

Cypress Woods junior Shelby Richey created chocolate-covered cherry cupcakes for the third annual HEAT State Cupcake Battle, April 21-22 in Allen.

Other awards from the State Cupcake Battle were as follows:

  • Alondra Tristan, Burbank High School, first place – fresh orange Italian cream cupcakes;
  • Ely Sandate, Central High School, second place – nutty coconut cupcakes;
  • Samantha Ashley, Randall High School, third place – cake of the year cupcakes;
  • Jamie Winkles, Quitman High School, fourth place – hummingbird cupcakes;
  • Amy de los Santos, Weslaco East High School, fifth place, Best Presentation and Best Mise en Place – carrot pineapple cupcakes;
  • Priscilla Leal-Arizpe, Duncanville High School, Most Technical;
  • Tonia Hamilton, Quitman High School, Most Interesting;
  • Karina Barrientos, Irving High School, Best Cake; and
  • Elyse Simchik, Allen High School, Best Frosting.