Cypress, TX News – Houston Methodist Willowbrook Recognizes Local EMS Providers

Cypress, TX News (July 21, 2014) - Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital honored local emergency medical service (EMS) professions recently with a celebration luncheon and awards ceremony on the hospital campus during National EMS Week.

“Our emergency department and entire hospital staff recognize the value, accomplishments, and critical role played by all of the EMS providers in our Northwest Houston community,” said Beryl Ramsey, senior vice president and chief executive officer at Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital. “These professionals are dedicated to public service and to saving lives each and every day, and it is a privilege to be able to show our appreciation for their hard work and for the integral role they play within our healthcare system.”

Two awards were presented by Ms. Ramsey and Glenn Dennis, director of nursing, emergency, critical care and observation at Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital, recognizing EMS providers for outstanding response times in 2013. Cypress Creek EMS was awarded the Quickest Door-to-Balloon Time, achieving the fastest time from patient arrival at the hospital’s emergency department to when the interventional cardiologist opened up the patient’s blocked coronary artery, restoring blood flow to the heart. The national standard is under 90 minutes, and Cypress Creek accomplished a 29 minute door-to-balloon time in 2013.

Cypress Creek EMS was also awarded the 2013 Khurana EMS Stroke Award, which has been established as part of the Swadesh Khurana Endowment, honoring the memory of Swadesh Khurana and supporting the advancement of stroke care at Houston Methodist Willowbrook. The stroke award is presented to the EMS provider that achieves the Fastest Door-to-tPA time, which is the time it takes for an ischemic stroke patient to arrive at the hospital’s emergency department, complete evaluation, receive appropriate diagnostics, and receive an infusion of the clot busting drug tPA. Administration of tPA within 90 minutes of symptom onset dramatically improves the chances of recovering from a stroke, and Cypress Creek EMS achieved a 32 minute door-to-tPA time in 2013.

“In the medical world you often hear the phrase ‘time is tissue,’” said Ms. Ramsey. “The sooner stroke patients receive treatment, the greater the benefit, and we are proud to partner with our local EMS providers to have great success in ensuring best practices in stroke care and achieving door-to-tPA times faster than the recommended guidelines.”

“We would like to thank Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital for this incredible recognition,” said Bradley England, Executive Director, Cypress Creek EMS. “By working together, our two organizations have grown to better serve this community. Thanks to the professionalism, education, and caring of both Houston Methodist Willowbrook and Cypress Creek EMS, we have developed a wonderful team relationship that makes a positive impact on the lives of our community members each and every day.”

EMS personnel include paramedics, emergency medical technicians, first responders, fire fighters, and police, and their commitment to public service is recognized annually during National EMS week.