Cypress, TX News – Millsap Student Wins KHOU Weather Special

Cypress, TX News (June 23, 2014) - Millsap Elementary School fifth-grade student Walt Maxwell won the citywide KHOU Ch. 11 weather-related game show event, “Hurricanes: Who Knows Best?” that aired on Houston’s CBS affiliate.

The game show consisted of two rounds of competition, beginning with a hurricane trivia contest filmed at Millsap on May 1. With hundreds of fifth-grade students as the audience, eight contestants took turns answering KHOU chief meteorologist David Paul’s trivia questions in a best-of-three format. The students rang bells to “buzz in” and answer questions about the starting date for hurricane season, hurricane wind speeds, storm surges, flooding hazards caused by slow-moving storms, and more.

Maxwell said he was well-prepared for the event after science teachers Patricia Lamarca and Kristin Loginov worked with the fifth-grade students to review questions, practice scenarios and learn the importance of being prepared for hurricane season.

KHOU chief meteorologist David Paul points to Millsap Elementary School fifth-grade student Walt Maxwell to answer a question in a hurricane-related game show taped at the school on May 1. Maxwell advanced to the second round of the competition on May 21, where he emerged as the overall winner.

“It was really cool. There was only one question that stumped me,” Maxwell said. “I couldn’t believe it when I found out I won. I was shocked, but totally excited.”

After emerging as the winner, Maxwell and three other finalists from Houston-area schools met at the Bunker Hill H-E-B for the final round. In this competition, each contestant partnered with one of the four KHOU meteorologists to fill a shopping cart with proper hurricane preparation supplies and cross the finish line under limited time.

Maxwell collected the proper supplies faster than the other finalists to become the overall “Hurricanes: Who Knows Best?” champion.

KHOU chief meteorologist David Paul cheers for Millsap fifth-grade student Walt Maxwell after he won the second round of the ‘Hurricanes: Who Knows Best?’ competition filmed at the Bunker Hill H-E-B on May 21. Maxwell collected the proper hurricane preparation supplies in a limited amount of time to be declared the winner.

“We looked at the list together, and David Paul and I worked as a team; he helped me and I helped him,” Maxwell said. “I am so excited, and I am also very thankful and grateful to be part of this event and be able to represent Houston.”

Maxwell will be a guest meteorologist with David Paul on KHOU’s 5 pm newscast on Monday, June 23.

“Walt Maxwell is one of Millsap’s finest Mustangs,” said Millsap principal Jodi Matteson. “He is a well-rounded student: intelligent, articulate, and outgoing. Walt has a healthy competitive spirit, which no doubt played a part in his winning the competition. We are all filled with Mustang Pride for our champion.”