Cypress, TX News – Tree Seedling Donations Enhance Educational Experience for Students

Cypress, TX News (May 12, 2014) - CFISD partner International Bridge provided an eco-friendly gift that served as an educational benefit for students in two CFISD schools in April and May, donating 900 total tree seedlings to Sampson and Sheridan elementary schools.

International Bridge, a parcel shipping company, commits resources each year to plant trees as part of its mission to minimize its carbon footprint. According to director of business development Skip McWhorter, the company signed agreements to donate 440,000 seedlings to government entities in 2014—including 5,000 that were set aside for educational purposes.

From left, Sampson students Audrey Schmid, Victoria Zhang, CJ Friend, Carson Davis, and Jack Casey enjoy nature’s surroundings during their garden lesson.

“Our children are tomorrow’s decision makers,” McWhorter said. “If they can understand the benefit of making good eco-friendly decisions now, their children will benefit from the positive effect they had on our environment.”

To turn the donation into a learning moment, CFISD’s “garden lady,” Stephanie Baker of Ready to Grow Gardens, provided planting lessons for third-grade students at both Sampson and Sheridan.

Stephanie Baker of Ready to Grow Gardens, right foreground, gives a planting lesson to Sampson Elementary School third grade students (clockwise from top left) Adam Ryu, Tyler Colwell, Cole Howard, Sawyer Despres, Sam Myers, Audrey Schmid, Uma Sivakumar, Victoria Zhang and Inia Narayanan.

Sampson students received approximately 200 seedlings to take home and plant in their own yards during Baker’s visit on April 24.

“We feel so fortunate that our third-grade students were able to take home a tree seedling to plant in their own yard,” said Sampson principal Heather Motzny. “We would like to thank International Bridge for their generous donation, and Stephanie Baker for bringing the garden to life for our Sampson students.”

Sheridan second-grade students Elizabeth Tigranyan, Miya Ortega and Karissa Ayala display carrots that they pulled from the garden.

Baker visited Sheridan for a lesson on May 1, where approximately 700 seedlings went home with third-grade students.

“Our kids were so excited to take home their special tree,” said Sheridan principal Gina Guidry. “We are so proud to have a community partner that is committed to the environment and making our world a better place.”