Cypress, TX News – Waiver to be Granted Exempting CFISD from Weather Makeup Day

Cypress, TX News (May 27, 2015) – Texas Education Agency (TEA) Commissioner of Education Michael Williams announced May 26 that school districts forced to close schools due to inclement weather would be granted a waiver exempting the use of an inclement weather makeup day.

The last day of school in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD will remain scheduled for June 4, 2015.

While the TEA requires students and staff to meet the designated number of instructional days, and the June 5 inclement weather date is identified on the 2014-2015 school calendar, Commissioner Williams announced the exemption as a special circumstance for CFISD and many other districts who closed schools due to unsafe driving conditions created by area flooding.

“I want to assure superintendents who have closed their districts today due to flooding and other weather-related issues that a waiver for this missed instructional day will be granted,” Commissioner Williams said in a released statement.

Dr. Mark Henry, CFISD superintendent, commended the commissioner for his consideration.

“We are appreciative of Commissioner Williams’ swift and thoughtful response to a potentially dangerous situation,” Dr. Henry said. “We are grateful that students, teachers and parents can focus on a successful conclusion to the 2014-2015 school year without further changes to their instructional schedule.”