Cypress, TX News – Women Recommend North Cypress Medical Center

Cypress, TX News (December 4, 2014) – The Women’s Choice Award is pleased to recognize North Cypress Medical Center (NCMC) as a recipient of the Seal of Recommendation for the  2015 America’s Best Hospital for Patient Safety rating. This distinction is the only evidence-based designation that identifies the country’s best hospitals based on robust criteria regarding patient safety and what women say they want from a hospital.

“North Cypress Medical Center is thrilled to have received this recognition,” states Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Dr. Robert A. Behar. “Our core hospital mission is to treat patients in the safest environment possible. The NCMC team of physicians, nurses, and ancillary staff ensures that on a daily basis. I am extremely proud of our team and this recognition.”

The 310 best hospitals for patient safety were identified based on having a low-incidence of problems arising from surgical errors and infections. The hospitals that report their frequency to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are ranked using twelve measures. Hospitals are eliminated from consideration for not reporting on at least four of the surgical complication measures or four of the infection measures, have a below average patient recommendation rating, or not implementing surgical checklists.

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