Cypress Woods Key Club Give Back

The Cypress Woods Key Club aspires to teach the value of service, putting others before yourself, and the importance of community to a new set of members. With new fundraising projects under way and service activities throughout the community, Key Club continues to transform the way students think, interpret, and treat others. This year, our Key Club hopes its ideals of self-respect for oneself, others, the community, and one’s faith directly impact each individuals daily outlook and perspective of life.

After an exciting first semester, Key Clubbers are ready to showcase their true dedication to service, through leadership, responsibility, and volunteerism. Members are showing personal initiative to finish their fall hours by volunteering in new events, attending meetings with friends, appreciating the service of their peers, and reevaluating K-Family relations. Cy-Woods Key Clubbers will have the opportunity to participate in local elementary fun nights, gymnastic respites, and raise funds for the ELIMINATE Project.

Key Clubbers are ready to begin another passionate semester of service. From raising funds for the Children’s Miracle Network and the ELIMINATE Project to working on projects such as Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF, Key Clubbers have found their place in the community, locally and internationally. Throughout the academic school year, Key Club hopes to involve more students, expand the outlook of its members, infuse family values, and instill the human contribution.

Cy- Woods Key Club at their annual lock-in.