E! News Reporter Lindsey Caldwell

Cypress Texas
Posted November 25, 2015

Cy-Fair Bobcat alumni Lindsey Caldwell is chasing her journalistic dreams, interviewing celebrities and challenging herself in Hollywood
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Written by Debbie McDaniel | Photography courtesy of Lindsey Caldwell

Cy-Fair alumni, Lindsey Caldwell, took a leap of faith by pursuing a degree in theatre and business from the University of Southern California. rough the ups and downs, her faith has led her to becoming a broadcaster on E! News, where she interviews celebrities and reports on the red carpet. She has stuck to her roots while chasing her dream.


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Where it All Began 
Since Caldwell was 2 years old, she loved entertaining people and wanted to be an actress. “My childhood room had the famous Hollywood Hills painted on the walls, and I grew up watching I Love Lucy.” She loved growing up in Cy-Fair. “ere’s nothing like it; the people there are really special. I still call it home, and it’s shaped me into who I am today.”

CFM_W_15_Lindsey Caldwell_Lindsey with Jerry Brown, head custodian at Cy-Fair HS

Caldwell recalls some of her most memorable moments of Cy-Fair High School, from favorite teachers to football traditions. “It was a true community of family to me.” Caldwell loves that Cy-Fair High School is so rich in tradition, “It was amazing to be a part of something so big like that.” Caldwell was very involved in high school as a cheerleader, student body president, and the homecoming queen, and she still stays in touch with many of the CyFair sta members regularly. “ey truly helped shape and encourage me to go aer my dreams. I could go on forever about all the amazing teachers, APs, nurses, and custodians I loved, who truly made my Cy-Fair experience unforgettable. Bobcat ght never dies,” says Caldwell.

She didn’t always have it easy. When Caldwell was 16 years old she fractured her back and had to wear a thick back brace for three months. “at’s that age where you really care about what you look like and how others perceive you,” says Caldwell. But even in high school she pressed forward and learned how to work through the challenges of life.

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One Step Closer
Caldwell was one of only 80 students accepted into the University of Southern California School of theatre, which was a dream come true for her. With a love for performing, hard work, and effort, it was the ideal next step. Aer moving her life to a new city, reality struck – LA was a long ways away from the comforts and family of hometown Cy-Fair. “I moved to LA without knowing anyone, to chase my dream of being an actress. It was the rst big step to making that a reality.” She missed being home, yet Caldwell found a way to make the most of this challenge and turn it into something great.

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As a freshman, she landed her rst great journalism job with Seventeen Magazine, blogging on their site about college life and being away from home. “is leap of faith, and continued leaps of faith taught me so much about myself and stretched me in ways I’d never imagined. e hard work soon began to pay o.” One step led to another and before long, Caldwell was stepping out on the red carpet, covering the Grammys and interviewing Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart at the Twilight movie premiere.

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Dreams Become a Reality
Going into her senior year of college, E! News issued a challenge for anyone interested in an internship to share in 140 characters why you should be picked for the job. Caldwell tweeted, interviewed, and a few weeks later she was selected for the position. “I graduated from USC on a Friday and began my job at E! on that Monday,” she says. Aer her rst red carpet event she was hooked, but not for the reasons you might think. e lights, fans, and paparazzi cameras are not what impressed Caldwell. “I fell in love with the people and stories. ere’s something so real about stories – the good ones, the tough ones, and the challenging ones.

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Favorite Interviews
Caldwell has had the opportunity to interview a countless number of celebrities. Some of her favorite interviews were with guys like Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron, Sam Hunt, and Orlando Bloom. But like most Texas girls, she grew up loving football. So naturally, when Caldwell had the opportunity to interview J.J. Watt, he became her new favorite interview. “He’s humble and actually really funny. We even began our interview talking about the city of Cy-Fair and the Cy-Fair Bobcats. It felt like a slice of home, talking about how special the Houston and Cy-Fair community is.
CFM_W_15_Lindsey Caldwell_Lindsey with JJ Watt
Challenges and Inspiration
Caldwell learned early on that no matter who you are, or what you do, there will always be challenges in life. “is industry and LA can be tough. Just like anywhere, you’ve got to know who you are, not accommodating yourself for what others want you to be.” Caldwell says that her faith is what teaches her and reminds her to keep her character strong. at, along with determination and a tight-knit family are what motivate her most. “they remind me of what I’m about on the days that are hard.

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“My hope doesn’t rest on whether or not my dreams are accomplished. It’s far bigger than that, and it helps me keep a big picture perspective on what really matters most,” she adds.

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An Exciting Journey
Caldwell shares some dening moments through her years with E! News. “One thing I realized even more deeply aer interviewing many famous actors, musicians, and producers is this – they are all just like any of us, people with a dream.” those people got to where they are today because of the hard work and determination they put into their dreams. “ere are really no shortcuts in any industry or business,” says Caldwell. e most successful people she has met in her exciting career journey are the ones who haven’t forgotten who they are. “I enjoy meeting those who have learned to stay true to themselves and remain humble through the journey.” CFM

DEBBIE MCDANIEL is a writer whose family of ve shares many of Lindsey’s favorites – theatre, acting, good stories, football, and J.J. Watt.