Elementary Students Salute High School Graduates During Senior Walks

Cypress, TX (June 20, 2016) Graduating seniors from CFISD high schools returned to their former elementary school campuses to walk the halls in their caps and gowns, projecting success to their elementary counterparts.

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Cy Springs graduating seniors and members of the school’s PALS program with sponsor Mabry Allen, Walker principal Kim Dameron, and Cy Springs principal Dr. Cheryl Henry

Elementary students cheered on the graduating seniors in a powerful gesture inspired by a viral Facebook post from East Texas school district Van ISD on May 4.

Students in the Cypress Springs High School PALs group visited students at elementary feeders Walker, Andre’ and Duryea elementary schools on May 24.

“The experience was absolutely incredible and amazing,” said Mabry Allen, Cypress Springs teacher and PALs sponsor. “My students were smiling ear to ear as they walked the hallways and cafeterias at Andre’, Duryea and Walker. At each school, the spaces were filled with students smiling, waving, clapping, high fiving, cheering and holding congratulatory signs. Teachers were tearing up as their former students walked by in their caps and gowns. It was so beautiful.”

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Matzke students and staff applaud Cy Creek graduates; Robison students congratulate Cy Woods senior Michael Venson

After Matzke Elementary School Principal Cathy Jacobs saw the photos on Facebook, she reached out to Cypress Creek High School Principal Vicki Snokhous about performing a “senior clap out” at Matzke.

“I thought it was a great idea, and we feed 100 percent into Cy Creek so having these seniors here is great,” Jacobs said. “We have been talking to our students about our fifth-graders graduating to middle school, so this continues our theme of achievement.”

Approximately 20 Cougar seniors walked the halls of Matzke on June 1, high-fiving students while being applauded by the entire school.

“It was kind of emotional because you’re not that little kid anymore,” said senior Danielle Wilkerson, a former Matzke student. “It was neat how some of the teachers remembered us. It makes me feel proud.”

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Cy Woods graduating seniors Mitchell William and Matt Faga are congratulated by Robison students; Senior Ally Fleischhauer and fellow Cy Creek graduates at Matzke

Dozens of Cypress Woods High School seniors turned out in crimson caps and gowns for their senior walk at neighboring A. Robison Elementary School on June 2.

Following the march through the hallways, A. Robison teachers read congratulatory notes from several members of the kindergarten team that taught the now-Cypress Woods seniors when the elementary school opened in 2003.

“It’s really neat for me to know that I was part of the first class to make it all the way through from A. Robison to Cy Woods,” said senior Molly Malota. “It’s a sense of accomplishment. I was in their position once and I’m having a lot of flashbacks and memories. It’s a cool experience.”

Allen, who said he plans to have Cypress Springs repeat the tradition next year, said his favorite comment of the day came from a fifth-grade student at Duryea.

“She ran up to the librarian and said, ‘Guess what? That’s going to be me one day! I’m going to come back here and walk the halls in my cap and gown too!,’” he said. “I cannot say enough good things about this experience.”

Courtesy of the District