Father and Son Raise Flags Each Weekday at Cypress Christian School

Michael Shassere and his son, Nicolas, began raising the American, Texas, and Christian flags at Cypress Christian School each weekday morning at the beginning of last year, when Nicolas needed a service project for Cub Scouts.

Mr. Shassere shares, “Nicolas enjoyed this so much that he asked Elementary Principal Mr. White if this could be ‘our service to CCS.’ As we all know, parents are rushed in the mornings getting children ready for school, carpooling, and off to class.  With this project, Nicolas and I enjoy focused father-son time, sharing in the fact that even such a small act is an act of selflessness, and as such, honors God, our country, our state, and all the staff at CCS.”

Shassere describes this daily ritual as and honor and their time to give back to their school. Nicolas adds, “I like raising the flags because it helps the school, it’s good for the country, and it’s respectful.” 

Cypress Christian is thankful for these volunteers and others who help the community remember to honor our country, our state, and our Lord when flags are seen flying high above the campus.


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