Final Issue – FAQ


Why are you closing Cy-Fair Magazine?

This past year, we have had an explosive growth in advertising for our Katy Magazine, while Cy-Fair has remained the same.  Although it’s always been profitable, Cy-Fair is not growing at nearly the same pace as Katy. Following the demand, we are adding more issues to Katy Magazine, which means discontinuing our Cy-Fair Magazine.

We absolutely love the Cy-Fair area and all the community leaders, businesses, and readers we’ve had the pleasure of knowing through these 10 years and will miss everyone.  This is purely a business decision to follow the growth and work smarter, not harder, and closer to our office.


Is your company downsizing?

No. The change did not result in anyone being terminated. Every person on our team is vital to the success of the company, which includes our sister publication, Katy Magazine and our newcomer and relocation guide. The extra issues will be added to our Katy Magazine, so we will still need everyone on our staff.


Will you still keep up?

The website will remain active through the publication distribution dates (May 15 – July 31), after that, we don’t foresee continuing to update it as frequently, although we will most likely leave everything up for some time.


Can I still submit my cuties and pet photos?

Through the publication dates (May 15 – July 31) we will feature select cuties and pets on our social media pages, but the Cy-Fair Summer 2016 issue will be our final print issue.


Can I get photos Cy-Fair Magazine took of us?

Yes, please make all photo requests via email ( by July 31, 2016; we can email you some of the photos from your Cy-Fair Magazine photo shoot for personal use only. Images will have the Cy-Fair Magazine logo.


Will I still be able to get back issues?

The website, will remain live so that all back issues, features, and stories will be available and enrich the future Cy-Fairians as we’ve been able to record features of historic value over the past 10 years.


If you have questions, well wishes, or feedback email us at



Thank you Cy-Fair!