First Choice Emergency Room Continues Leading with Innovation

First Choice Emergency Room, the leading freestanding emergency room system in the United States, recently announced a new program to familiarize consumers with their local ER facilities. As an innovator in health care, First Choice Emergency Room is bringing a branded Monster Truck, The First Choice ER Whambulance, to many of its facilities as an interactive means to introduce communities to the First Choice Emergency Room facilities as an alternative option should an emergency need arise.

“The Whambulance is a fun and innovative way for us to invite people to see our First Choice ER facilities,” says Dr. Bart Cobb, First Choice Emergency Room’s Facility Medical Director at Barker Cypress. “Our patients appreciate the quick access, almost immediate, to board-certified emergency physicians. We look forward to continuing to provide top quality emergency care to the Barker Cypress community.”

The First Choice Emergency Room’s most frequent patients are males 21 and under, so the Monster Truck is an interactive and highly relevant opportunity to engage with this key group, along with the larger community, and introduce them to the First Choice Emergency Room facilities.

First Choice ER physicians are board-certified and all nurses are emergency trained. The facility is equipped with state of the art diagnostic technology, including CT scanners, ultrasound machines and digital x-rays, and on-site COLA & CLIA accredited laboratories to handle emergency needs on the spot. 


Pictured above is First Choice Emergency Room
office staff Keli Lockwood and Amy Clepper

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