Gifts for Texas Children’s Hospital

The Cypress Falls Key Club visited the Texas Children’s Hospital to deliver gifts to the young patients. Throughout the month of December, volunteers from the organization decorated gift bags, pillowcases, and holiday cards to present to the children who would be staying at the hospital during the festive season.

“As a result of our hard work,” Stephanie Doan says, “we were able to wrap a lot of gifts, and the bags turned out to be really adorable. Just thinking about all of the kids who would receive the presents brought me pure joy.”

When the Key Club volunteers visited the hospital, the staff was enthusiastic to learn of the Christmas surprises in store for their patients. The children were quite grateful upon receiving their presents as well. “Making the gifts and delivering was an uplifting experience,” Clayton Brashersays, “and it helped me appreciate what I have been blessed to have. This experience truly got me into the giving spirit.”

Not only were the children thankful someone had them in mind this Christmas, but also the volunteers were enlightened by the experience. “It was amazing taking the Christmas gifts down to Texas Children’s Hospital,” President Gabi Bradshawsays, “Knowing that sick children will be able to receive our gifts and put a smile on their face is really rewarding.”

Without the generous donations from the Meadow’s Foundation, the project wouldn’t have been possible. The Cypress Falls Key Club was thankful for the funds to purchase the gifts for the hospital patients. “I would like to thank the Meadow’s Foundation,” club sponsor Kathie Kiklas says, “Members had fun decorating and filling the bags, and the trip with the bags to the children’s hospital was very rewarding.”

Submitted by: Tashrima Hossain, Cypress Falls Key Club Editor

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