Hamilton Students Advance to State Chemist Contest

Cypress, TX (April 14, 2016) Five Hamilton Middle School students placed among the top six at the regional You Be the Chemist competition, held March 5 at the University of Houston’s Agnes Arnold Auditorium.

0414 You Be The Chemist 1

Pictured: Jwalanthi Rnganathan, Beau Matthews, Alex Cantu, Samitha Bandi, and Azul Valenci

The You Be The Chemist Challenge is an interactive academic contest sponsored by the Chemical Education Foundation that encourages students in grades 5-8 to explore chemistry concepts and their real-world applications. The Challenge provides a unique opportunity for a variety of individuals and organizations—including schools, members of the chemical industry, educators and other community partners—to come together and show their support for STEM education.

Seventh-grade students Samitha Bandi and Beau Matthews were co-champions, with seventh-grade student Jwalanthi Rnganathan placing third. Sixth-grade student Alex Cantu placed fifth overall and eighth-grade student Azul Valencia placed sixth.

“This is always one of my favorite events because it gets the kids prepared for future academic challenges in a very relaxed setting,” said Nicole Domingues, Hamilton science campus content instructional specialist. “The students get to view chemistry demonstrations and hear various STEM professionals talk about their journey in between rounds of timed chemistry questions. All the volunteers are upbeat and positive, continuously congratulating the students on how proud of them they are.”

Bandi, Matthews, Rnganathan and Cantu advance to the You Be the Chemist State Challenge, scheduled for April 16 at the University of Houston.

The winner of the state competition will move on to the national challenge with an all-expenses-paid trip to Pittsburgh, Pa., June 19-21.

Due to her continued work with the Chemical Educational Foundation through the You be the Chemist competition, the CEF named Domingues Texas Educator of Year.

0414 You Be The Chemist 2

Domingues will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Pittsburgh to attend the national championships and an awards banquet, where she will be honored along with each state’s chosen educator.

“I am honored to be declared the Texas Educator of the Year by the Chemical Educational Foundation,” Domingues said. “This organization goes above and beyond to offer relevant materials to students and pushes them to always strive to be better. For them to take the time to recognize the effort that teachers put toward implementing these core values is beyond appreciated.”

Courtesy of the District