Journalism Students win Press Women of Texas Awards

CFISD student journalists have been named winners in the Press Women of Texas Edith Fox King 2013 High School Journalism Contest.

The winning entries in each of the 20 categories have been forwarded to the national competition for judging. All high school winners have been invited to attend the annual state conference in Dallas on June 22.

The following students from Cy-Fair and Jersey Village high schools earned first-, second- and third-place or honorable mention honors:

First Place

  • Rebeccah Barger, Cy-Fair, Editorial, “Embrace our individuality, our voices and …;”
  • Carly Wood, Cy-Fair, Opinion, “Shakespearean Stupidity;”
  • Evie Sweeten, Jersey Village, Double-Truck Layout, “Speaking Shakespeare’s Language;” and
  • Jeleny Solorzano, Jersey Village, Yearbook Photo, “Taking his turn…”

Second Place

  • Kestra Derise, Cy-Fair, Opinion, “Driving Me Crazy;”
  • Anne Brown, Cy-Fair, Sports Story (tie), “Back on top;”
  • Matt DuBose, Jersey Village, Sports Story (tie), “Getting Rowdy;”
  • Vi Vo, Jersey Village, Feature Photo, “Grinding Down…;”
  • Valerie Parker, Cy-Fair, Reviews, “The end of a saga;”
  • Vanessa Morales, Jersey Village, Graphics/Photo Illustration “Support for depression exists;”
  • Rebeccah Barger, Cy-Fair, Single-Page Layout, “Fiscal Cliff Notes;” and
  • Rosa Gonzalez, Jersey Village, Yearbook Copywriting, “Live Music.”

Third Place

  • Kaylin Jones, Cy-Fair, Opinion, “Thrift Store Treasures;”
  • Desirae Mae Hoover, Cy-Fair, News Story, “Bleeding Beliebers;”
  • Darby Nevins, Cy-Fair, Sports Story (tie), “It’s that time again;”
  • Valerie Parker, Cy-Fair, Sports Story (tie), “Olympian potential;”
  • Natalie Solano, Jersey Village, Feature Photo, “Take That Cougars;”
  • Kaylin Jones, Cy-Fair, Reviews, “And in that moment, I swear we were …;”
  • Joel Montford, Jersey Village, Graphics/Photo Illustration, “Rude behavior should stop;”
  • Madeleine Pierce, Cy-Fair, Single-Page Layout, page 21 layout;
  • Marieke Alsguth and Rosa Gonzalez, Jersey Village, Yearbook Layout, “Male Power;” and
  • Evie Sweeten, Jersey Village, Yearbook Photo, “For Disney dress up…”

“I am very proud of the work and the effort that these students share with their high school publications, the Falcon and the Peregrine. They take great pride in working on the newspaper and yearbook,” said Margie Comstock, Jersey Village publications adviser. “Receiving recognition from an organization such as the state professional organization, Press Women of Texas, confirms to them that the effort and time spent producing quality writing, photography, design and illustrations was time well spent.”

“I am so thrilled and grateful that organizations like the Press Women of Texas recognize the importance of acknowledging student journalists statewide,” said Lil Harris, Cy-Fair publications adviser. “Receiving recognition beyond the classroom inspires and motivates students. It validates their hard work and helps them see that their writing matters.”

0419 Press Women JVHS

Press Women JVHS: Jersey Village High School students celebrate their awards from the Press Women of Texas Edith Fox King 2013 High School Journalism Contest. Pictured (front row, L-R) are Vivian Vo, Natalie Solano and Vanessa Morales; (second row) Jeleny Solorzano, Marieke Alsguth, Evie Sweeten and Rosa Gonzalez; and (back row) Matt DuBose and Joel Montfort.


0419 Press Women Cy-Fair

Cy-Fair High School students won several awards in the Press Women of Texas Edith Fox King 2013 High School Journalism Contest. Pictured (front row, L-R) are Kestra Derise, Darby Nevins and Desirae Hoover; (back row, L-R) Madeleine Pierce,
Valerie Paker, Carly Wood and Anne Brown. Not pictured are Rebeccah Barger and
Kaylin Jones.