Methodist Willowbrook provides Presentation Remotes for Every Bleyl Classroom

Representatives from Methodist Willowbrook Hospital visited Bleyl Middle School on Tuesday morning to donate 100 presentation remotes that will support students in every classroom of the school.

The Targus laser presentation remotes will support the school’s focus on differentiated instruction, a teaching model that accommodates the various learning styles, interests and ability levels of each of its 1,600 students in each subject area.

“The presentation remotes for our teachers will improve campuswide instruction, which is in turn a huge benefit for all our students,” said Bleyl principal Stacia Carew. “They allow our teachers to truly be the facilitators in the classroom and meet the needs of students, no matter what kind of learner they are—auditory, visual, etc.—by using technology to engage them.”

Methodist Willowbrook CEO Beryl Ramsey said the technology donation was an important step in maintaining the positive link between the hospital and the surrounding community.

“The schools in our community are very important. These are our future health care workers in many ways,” Ramsey said. “We really want to connect with our community, and we feel we are here to serve in many different ways.”

Carew said the donation is just one of the many ways that Methodist Willowbrook is supporting Bleyl staff and students.

“This partnership has been invaluable for our teachers, who have truly felt the positive connection and the influence of the community on the campus,” she said. “Throughout the year, Methodist employees, be it a doctor or an administrator from their staff, have taken the time to be a positive influence on our students as mentors. We’ve seen the impact they have had on our Brahmas, and their support has been phenomenal.”


0604 Bleyl 4Bleyl Middle School and Methodist Willowbrook Hospital have enjoyed a successful partnership in 2012-2013. Pictured, from left, are Samdria Stewart, Bleyl academic achievement specialist; Diane Dickey, Methodist Willowbrook business development specialist; Emily Salas, Methodist Willowbrook physician relations specialist; Carl Little, Methodist Willowbrook director for business development; Jerome Leake, Methodist Willowbrook director for food and nutrition services; Sucre Woodley, Methodist Willowbrook director for marketing and guest relations; Stacia Carew, Bleyl principal; and Beryl Ramsey, Methodist Willowbrook CEO.