North Cypress Medical Center adds new State-of-the-Art Scanner

North Cypress Medical Center is pleased to announce the addition of a new state-of-the-art PET CT Scanner to the Imaging Services Department. The Biograph® mCTSystem from Siemens is a highly sophisticated imaging system that provides critical information to physicians. As the world’s first molecular CT, this system brings a new dimension to CT imaging, providing additional metabolic information for even greater diagnostic certainty. With this piece of equipment, physicians can detect, characterize and monitor the tiniest cancer lesions with extreme accuracy, making cancer treatment more exact.  hysicians can also use this to identify dementia, slowing disease progression.

This revolutionary piece of equipment delivers highly detailed images that far exceed the quality and diagnostic value of conventional PET CT Scanners. This new system offers the following: razor sharp images with 2mm resolution across the full field of view; a large open scanning zone that accommodates virtually any size of patient and alleviates the sense of claustrophobia; more accurate localization of disease to aid in therapy planning; and remarkable speed and accuracy allow a PET CT Scan to be performed in just a few minutes.

North Cypress is committed to providing revolutionary imaging technology to their patients and those in the Cypress and surrounding communities.  They offer a convenient location in North Cypress Professional Building 1 with valet parking for patients. Appointments are available five days a week by calling the North Cypress Scheduling Department at 832-912-3724.

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