One of Cy-Fair’s Own Goes for Gold

Tae Kwon-Do TEAM USA recently met the challenge head-on at the 2012 International TaeKwon-Do Federation (ITF) World TaeKwon-Do Championship in Ottawa, Canada. 

The World Championship was held at the Centre sportif de Gatineau. There were approximately 650 TaeKwon-Do (TKD) national champions from around the world who converged here to vie for bragging rights to claim who is the best TKD athlete in the world. Competitors hailed from the Unites States, Canada, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, Moldova, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Argentina, Venezuela, New Zealand, as well as Australia.

Cy-Fair resident, Dr. Dana Ziskrout, brought back two silver and one bronze medal. “The World Tae-Kwon-Do Championship was an incredible experience as well as just being part of TEAM USA,” says Ziskrout.

While competing, participants expressed what an extraordinary experience they had with adrenalin running at an unprecedented level immediately followed by mammoth drop-off moments after an event was completed.  “Some days one would spend hours waiting for that big moment and other times one waited all day to compete and then their respective event got pushed backed to another day,” explains Ziskrout. “Other days you had multiple events back to back which is challenging because you are pushing your body at 150 percent max ability.”

Respect, admiration, and true inter-personal relations amongst nations were never less than stellar as consummate professional athletes from around the globe competed for their prized medals. “Many people made new or continued their friendships from previous World Championships. It was a sight to behold,” adds Ziskrout.

TEAM USA recognizes the support, kind words, and well wishes they received from the community while on this journey.  They credit this strong support system for their paramount success.
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