Robotics Aid North Cypress Medical Center

North Cypress Medical Center is the first in Northwest Houston area to install the technologically advanced Sensei® X Robotic System. The system can be used for ablation procedures for SVT and atrial flutter, as well as for complex ablation procedures such as for atrial fibrillation where the ability to manipulate catheters to precise locations within the heart and keep them stable in the desired position is crucial.

The Sensei X Robotic Catheter System, manufactured by Hansen Medical, Inc., is a sophisticated intravascular robotic platform that integrates advanced levels of 3D catheter control with 3D visualization, and provides stability and flexibility to the physician during cardiac electrophysiology procedures. By translating the physician’s hand motions at the workstation, the Sensei X Robotic System enables robotic catheter control allowing for stable and deliberate catheter placement resulting in increased patient safety.

“The Sensei allows the physician to focus on monitoring more variables and screens — an advantage in performing complex cases,” said Dr. Tapan Rami, North Cypress Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist.

“We are able to reach into difficult areas of the heart with this new device and it allows for stable and deliberate catheter placement,” states Rami. “Our number one goal in caring for patients is patient safety. This piece of equipment will help our Cardiologists deliver the technical and specialized cardiac treatments for atrial fibrillation and other cardiac conditions while ensuring safety, “states hospital Chairman of the Board and Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Robert A. Behar.

From the Emergency Rooms to the Catheterization Lab, from the Surgical Suites, and onto the Rehabilitation, North Cypress Heart Center offers services for every aspect of your heart care.

In the United States, an estimated 2.6 million people have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AF).

Intravascular robotic technology provides an alternative to manual, catheter-based electrophysiology procedures that require physicians to perform a series of complex manipulations manually at one end of the catheter. In addition, physicians performing manual electrophysiology procedures stand for hours wearing heavy lead aprons to limit exposure to X-Rays when monitoring the catheter’s location in the patient. The Sensei® X Robotic System allows the physician to be comfortably seated away from the radiation source.

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