Second Baptist Church–Cypress Completes Campus Beautification Projects Over Break

Cypress, TX (March 18, 2016) The Cypress campus of Second Baptist Church continued its support for CFISD schools by conducting campus beautification projects at CFISD schools throughout spring break.

0318 Spring Break Service 5 0318 Spring Break Service 1

The church, which reached out to five CFISD campuses in 2015, partnered with local Home Depot and Lowe’s stores to give back to four elementary schools from March 14-17. More than 20 students from the Second Baptist Church (SBC) – Cypress youth group kicked off the effort on Monday at Duryea Elementary, then continued each day at Sheridan, Horne and Hemmenway elementary schools, respectively.

The students trimmed trees and hedges, weeded and mulched beds, planted shrubs and flowers and powerwashed sidewalks during the service project. At Hemmenway, they also replaced nets on soccer goals and donated outdoor trash cans.

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“We had a lot of students last year who wanted to be a part of it and got their hands dirty. We had tons of teachers and administrators tell us how appreciative they were of the way the schools looked,” said Drew Clayton, SBC-Cypress junior high pastor. “When we were looking around this year, we spotted several schools that we thought we could improve. CFISD has treated us excellently over the years and we wanted to keep the relationship going.”

Several of the workers were CFISD students who experienced a reward from giving back to fellow students in the district.

“It’s pretty cool because one of the schools we [worked at] is Horne, and that’s a school that most of my friends went to,” said Aaron Xu, Cypress Falls High School sophomore. “This work can benefit future people that might be taking my place. It’s my community, so I can see the actual result.”

Local businesses lent support to the project to ensure the result was spectacular. The Lowe’s Katy store on I-10 donated two pallets of mulch, while the Home Depot stores in Katy, Copperfield and Cypress donated three pallets of mulch (one from each store).

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“We are grateful for community partners like Lowe’s, Home Depot and of course Second Baptist Church – Cypress, whose hard work and contributions will ensure that thousands of students and staff have beautiful campuses to return to on Monday,” said Leslie Francis, director of marketing and business relations.

Aragon Middle School eighth-grade student Tate Grant said the satisfaction comes from helping other students.

“I hope these kids that go to these schools come back and see that their schools look better than when they left,” Grant said. “I hope I don’t get anything out of it. It’s not for me; it’s for them.”

Courtesy of the District