Soccer Players Qualify for 2016 Academic All-District Teams

Cypress, TX (April 28, 2016) Two-hundred forty student athletes from all 10 CFISD high schools qualified for the Academic All-District 17-6A Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer Teams, released this week.

Soccer players named to the academic all-district team finished the season in good standing and earned a composite weighted grade point average of 5.5 or higher for all classes for the two identified six weeks that make up the majority of their regular season.

0428 Academic Soccer 1 0428 Academic Soccer 2

Cy Fair HS senior Sarah Hluza and Cy Ridge HS senior Mark Reno

The following student athletes made the academic all-district teams:

Boys’ Academic All-District 17-6A Team

Name School Grade
Reese Lance Cy-Fair 12
Anthony Lockridge Cy-Fair 12
Euan Dempster Cy-Fair 12
Jack Lacy Cy-Fair 12
Spencer Ward Cy-Fair 11
Shabab Rahman Cy-Fair 11
Dylan Hodges Cy-Fair 12
Dat Dinh Cy-Fair 12
Dalton King Cy-Fair 12
Dylan Vint Cy-Fair 11
Milton Amaya Cypress Creek 11
Jamal Benshaaban Cypress Creek 10
Cooper Kavanaugh Cypress Creek 12
Donald McGlamery Cypress Creek 11
Noe Salazar Cypress Creek 12
Gerald Barnett Cypress Creek 12
Cain Hernandez Cypress Falls 12
Brandon Escobar Cypress Falls 12
Ricardo Roman Cypress Falls 12
Chris Mendez Cypress Falls 11
Carlos Cardoso Cypress Falls 11
Hector Barrios Cypress Falls 10
Alexis Alvarez Cypress Lakes 12
Ricky Aguilar Cypress Lakes 10
Rogelio Lopez Cypress Lakes 10
Daniel Bernal Cypress Lakes 10
Uziel Oropeza Cypress Lakes 12
Randy Nunez Cypress Lakes 10
Cesar Rivera Cypress Lakes 12
Alejandro Barboza Cypress Ranch 12
Alex Botello Cypress Ranch 12
Branndon Marion Cypress Ranch 12
Joshua Croft Cypress Ranch 12
David Cruz Cypress Ranch 12
Craig Drozdowski Cypress Ranch 12
Thomas Gerow Cypress Ranch 12
Kenneth Grau Cypress Ranch 11
Braxton Jones Cypress Ranch 12
Blake Lieberman Cypress Ranch 12
Roger Macin Cypress Ranch 11
Assem Makzoumi Cypress Ranch 12
Christopher Mariotti Cypress Ranch 11
David Marroquin Cypress Ranch 12
Matthew McDevitt Cypress Ranch 12
Dustin Morse Cypress Ranch 11
Nicholas Panameno Cypress Ranch 12
Daniel Prasca-Chamorro Cypress Ranch 12
Edrick Steer Cypress Ranch 11
George Toledo Cypress Ranch 12
Cameron Townes Cypress Ranch 12
Abdul Ahatabeh Cypress Ridge 12
Mark Reno Cypress Ridge 12
Gerard Rodriguez Cypress Ridge 12
Carlos Serrano Cypress Ridge 11
Roy Tipton Cypress Ridge 11
Edgar Tobar Cypress Ridge 11
Joshua Arroyave Cypress Springs 11
Alexis Avelar Cypress Springs 9
Johnathan Castillo Cypress Springs 12
Vinicius De Olivera Cypress Springs 11
Hugo Garcia Cypress Springs 12
Hector Gomez Cypress Springs 12
Keven Gonzalez Cypress Springs 11
Jesus Villa Cypress Springs 12
Erick Jervis Cypress Woods 9
Gage Aykroyd Cypress Woods 10
Ryan Cameron Cypress Woods 10
Jared Swonke Cypress Woods 10
Arath Viesca Cypress Woods 19
Bryce Hall Cypress Woods 11
Nicola Longo Cypress Woods 11
Pierce McLaughlin Cypress Woods 11
Edwin Melendez Cypress Woods 11
Stuart Reoch Cypress Woods 11
Christopher Reyes Cypress Woods 11
Matthew Seidel Cypress Woods 11
Casey Self Cypress Woods 11
Renzo Caldwell Cypress Woods 12
Toby Nzewi Cypress Woods 12
Isaac Recinos Cypress Woods 12
Ryan Shepherd Cypress Woods 12
Alejandro Alaniz Jersey Village 10
Edgar Alaniz Jersey Village 11
Jonathan Cabrera Jersey Village 12
Jonathan Cervantes Jersey Village 9
Christopher Ellender Jersey Village 11
Phillip Gutierrez Jersey Village 11
Jordan Henderson Jersey Village 12
Antoine Joubran Jersey Village 10
Carter Moon Jersey Village 12
Alan Campuzano Langham Creek 10
Trent Connor Langham Creek 19
Anvar Contreras Langham Creek 10
Javier Dominguez Langham Creek 12
Will Harville Langham Creek 12
Tom Hollis Langham Creek 12
Matteo Macri Langham Creek 10
George Marin Langham Creek 12
Paolo Ferrato Langham Creek 12
Steven Soriano Langham Creek 11
Connor Yeang Langham Creek 10


Girls’ Academic All-District 17-6A Team

Name School Grade
Jordan Barnhart Cy-Fair 9
Camille Booth Cy-Fair 9
Mackenzie Booth Cy-Fair 11
Olivia Delaune Cy-Fair 9
Maggie Dvoracek Cy-Fair 10
Arabella Edgar Cy-Fair 10
Hannah Fritz Cy-Fair 12
Gia Gentilini Cy-Fair 11
Dharia Hajny Cy-Fair 12
Sarah Hluza Cy-Fair 12
Elina Sopia Hyams Cy-Fair 10
Hayden Janner Cy-Fair 10
Kassidi Krell Cy-Fair 11
Alexa Lacy Cy-Fair 12
Kennedy McGill Cy-Fair 11
Erin Reilly Cy-Fair 10
Krystal Shay Cy-Fair 11
Ashlyn Sims Cy-Fair 10
Eryn Tucker Cy-Fair 11
Andrea Villarreal Cy-Fair 9
Liana Amaya Cypress Creek 10
Sarah Avant Cypress Creek 10
Haley Benson Cypress Creek 9
Emily Carbajal Cypress Creek 12
Kelly Flint Cypress Creek 12
Darbey Hargrove Cypress Creek 11
Kathleen McKee Cypress Creek 11
Grace Merkel Cypress Creek 11
Taylor Nalbone Cypress Creek 12
Jazmin Ballesteros Cypress Creek 12
Jennifer Robinson Cypress Creek 12
Jordan Revils Cypress Creek 9
Katherine Shoffner Cypress Creek 11
Devan Picard Cypress Creek 12
Cynthia Flores Cypress Falls 12
Karinna Lara Cypress Falls 12
Kaitrin Miller Cypress Falls 12
Jordan DuPont Cypress Falls 11
Bayli Luke Cypress Falls 11
Kassandra Marin Cypress Falls 11
Meagan Bittner Cypress Falls 10
Katherine Hernandez Cypress Falls 10
Denise Shaffer Cypress Falls 10
Raquel Torres Cypress Falls 10
Sydnee Mwakutuya Cypress Falls 9
Samantha Aleman Cypress Lakes 9
Giselle Andrade Cypress Lakes 11
Naomi Cooper Cypress Lakes 10
Jessica Danhof Cypress Lakes 12
Alexis Higinio Cypress Lakes 12
Alexandra Morris Cypress Lakes 11
Jocelyn Ortega Cypress Lakes 9
Kelly Salazar Cypress Lakes 10
Maricruz Trinidad Cypress Lakes 11
Jennifer Valladares Cypress Lakes 10
Ashton Allison Cypress Ranch 12
Briana Cromer Cypress Ranch 12
Allison Deleon Cypress Ranch 12
Jessica Gerow Cypress Ranch 12
Brianna Guerrero Cypress Ranch 12
Alexa Thurwalker Cypress Ranch 12
Alexis Warren Cypress Ranch 12
Jian Cotter Cypress Ranch 11
Alexis Gomez Cypress Ranch 11
Camryn Graham Cypress Ranch 11
Taylor Irish Cypress Ranch 11
Brynna Johnson Cypress Ranch 11
Mackenzie Smith Cypress Ranch 11
Jade Stubblefield Cypress Ranch 11
Makayla Taylor Cypress Ranch 11
Morgan Wallace Cypress Ranch 11
Samantha Bryce Cypress Ranch 10
Karen Chavez Cypress Ranch 10
D’Asia Collins Cypress Ranch 10
Hayley Halliday Cypress Ranch 10
Mackenzie Wilkinson Cypress Ranch 10
Alyssa Austin Cypress Ranch 9
Katarina Baehren Cypress Ranch 9
Karson Funderburk Cypress Ranch 9
Katie Grillo Cypress Ranch 9
Sydney Schmitt Cypress Ranch 9
Maricela Flores Cypress Ridge 10
Rachel Garant Cypress Ridge 10
Nancy Jacobo Cypress Ridge 9
Karina Jimenez Cypress Ridge 11
Paige Lamson Cypress Ridge 11
Nahomi Ruiz Cruz Cypress Ridge 10
Tiffany Alfaro Cypress Springs 11
Jessica Alvarado Cypress Springs 12
Daisha Grant Cypress Springs 9
Alexis Pereira Cypress Springs 9
Madison Blythe Cypress Springs 9
Diamond Avila Cypress Springs 12
Serena Gallegos Cypress Springs 12
Brandy Rosales Cypress Springs 10
Vivian Smitherman Cypress Springs 12
Kelly Vasquez Cypress Springs 11
Madison Ashton Cypress Woods 11
Ashley Ayala Cypress Woods 12
Lindsey Buckalew Cypress Woods 11
Miranda Carrasco Cypress Woods 10
Claire Casey Cypress Woods 12
Addy Crowell Cypress Woods 12
Megan Doyle Cypress Woods 11
Victoria Favela Cypress Woods 12
Lexi Fowler Cypress Woods 10
Kelly Hines Cypress Woods 9
Lyndsey Hluchanek Cypress Woods 12
Colette Lacour Cypress Woods 9
Isabelle Myers Cypress Woods 10
Bailey Peschel Cypress Woods 9
Janelle Pierson Cypress Woods 10
Kayla Ragusa Cypress Woods 12
Kristeen Restrepo Cypress Woods 12
Katie Wright Cypress Woods 12
Isabel Bonilla Jersey Village 11
Brenda Cantu Jersey Village 12
Margarita Jimenez Jersey Village 11
Marianna Jorgensen Jersey Village 11
Danielle Loeblein Jersey Village 12
Michelle MacIntyre Jersey Village 10
Sarah Neidhardt Jersey Village 11
Melissa Olivo Jersey Village 12
Samantha Orozco Jersey Village 11
Allison Steen Jersey Village 12
Naime Barba Langham Creek 12
Sara Batiste Langham Creek 11
Audrey Berry Langham Creek 12
Stephanie Cortez Langham Creek 11
Iliana Figueroa Langham Creek 12
Brittany Harris Langham Creek 11
Rachel Hendricks Langham Creek 12
Erin Kelley Langham Creek 9
Sarah Montalvo Langham Creek 10
Sarina Patel Langham Creek 11
Catherine Perry Langham Creek 12
Lauren Peters Langham Creek 12
Maryallie Scott Langham Creek 12
Nicola Shaw Langham Creek 12
Courtesy of the District