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Important advice and tips Cy-Fair parents should know about how teens are using social media and what they’re using it for.

There are two things we can count on in this world: The sun will always shine, and social media is not going away any time soon. More than ever before, today’s digital-age teens are immersed in social media as a means to connect with their friends, share their photos and videos, and express their feelings and opinions. To make it even harder for parents, there are newer, more sophisticated social media venues sprouting up all the time. How are Cy-Fair parents supposed to keep up with all of it? Cy-Fair Magazine’s editorial team shares our best advice for how to be a social media savvy parent.

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Savvy Parent

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? A “selfie” is the term used to describe a photo of oneself that is posted on social media.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter users generally post shorter, more frequent comments called “tweets,” and they can “tag” someone else’s profile, a business, or school by using the @ sign. Twitter is primarily used by teens from their cell phones and is used to make short comments about people, places, or things that interest them. (Twitter has a 140-character maximum so longwinded rants are out of the question.)
Written by Katrina Katsarelis and Kennan Buckner

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