Softball Players Make All-district academic all-district teams

Cypress, TX (May 18, 2016)  CFISD softball coaches released the All-District and Academic All-District 17-6A softball teams this week, following the conclusion of each team’s season in the UIL playoffs.

0518 All-District Softball

Cy Woods senior pitcher Jordan Llinas

Cypress Woods High School senior pitcher Jordan Llinas was named the District MVP. Cy-Fair High School senior shortstop Alissa Dalton was named the Offensive MVP and Cypress Woods senior first baseman Katie Culver was named the Defensive MVP.

Cypress Ridge High School freshman Krystal Huynh was named Newcomer of the Year, and Cypress Woods Head Coach Clif Bond was named Coach of the Year.

The following softball players were named to the First, Second and Honorable Mention All-District teams:

First Team All-District 17-6A

Name School Grade Position
Alyssa Razo Cypress Lakes 10 Pitcher
Hannah Broseman Cypress Ranch 12 Pitcher
Kinsie Hebler Cy-Fair 12 Pitcher
Alyssa Garcia Cypress Lakes 12 Catcher
Jolie Readeaux Cypress Lakes 11 Shortstop
Casey Irvin Cypress Creek 10 Second baseman/shortstop
Jamie Parmley Cypress Creek 12 Catcher
Micah Schroder Cy-Fair 12 Second baseman
Carley Ruffino Cy-Fair 12 Third baseman
Brecklyn Dennis Cypress Woods 10 Shortstop
Brianna Burton Cypress Woods 12 Catcher
B’Na Novegil Cypress Falls 11 Shortstop
Jules Trevino Cypress Ranch 12 First baseman
Bryce West Cypress Ranch 10 Third baseman
Taylor Hewlett Langham Creek 12 First baseman/designated player
Ashley Koncir Cypress Ranch 11 Pitcher
Samantha Martinez Langham Creek 11 Shorstop/pitcher/outfielder
Adiana Simmons Cypress Ridge 12 Center fielder
Cortez Sims Cypress Lakes 11 Left fielder
Kaitlyn St. Clair Cypress Woods 12 Center fielder
Dominique Salinas Cypress Falls 12 Center fielder
Adrianne Ortiz Cypress Creek 12 Left fielder
Bekah Cordray Jersey Village 12 Center fielder
Karlee Canada Cypress Ranch 11 Center fielder
Sheridan Fisher Cy-Fair 11 Center fielder
Kierra McMillon Langham Creek 12 Outfielder
Gabi Lopez Cypress Ranch 9 Designated player


Second Team All-District 17-6A

Name School Grade Position
Amber Syzdek Jersey Village 11 Pitcher
Kara Fucci Cypress Falls 11 Pitcher/first baseman
Mikayla De Los Santos Cy-Fair 11 Pitcher
Emily Blanco Cypress Creek 11 Third baseman/shortstop
Hailee Carroll Jersey Village 10 Shorstop
Taylor Gressett Cypress Woods 12 Second baseman
Kylie Nixon Cypress Woods 10 Third baseman
Ashley Gonzales Cypress Ridge 10 First baseman/pitcher
Samantha Grabowski Langham Creek 11 Shortstop/pitcher/outfielder
Jordyn Smith Cypress Ranch 10 Shorstop
McKenzie Peet Cy-Fair 12 First baseman
Tori Lopez Cypress Ranch 11 Catcher
Audrey Garcia Cypress Lakes 9 First baseman
Elissa Salinas Cypress Falls 12 Third baseman/outfielder
Allison Driskill Cy-Fair 12 First baseman
Meredith Tabor Cypress Woods 10 Right fielder
Raegan Sullivan Cypress Woods 12 Right fielder
Leanne Provazek Jersey Village 12 Left fielder
Brooke Dibler Cypress Springs 12 Center fielder
Micaela Garza Cypress Ranch 10 Right fielder
Natalie McLennan Cypress Lakes 12 Center fielder
Maddie Godinich Cypress Ranch 12 Right fielder
Shelby Elrod Cypress Woods 10 Designated player


Honorable Mention All-District 17-6A

Name School
Sami Villarreal Cypress Ranch
Blaire McBeth Cypress Ranch
Alyssa Bazan Cypress Ranch
Kendyl Orsak Cypress Springs
Brianna Juarez Cypress Springs
Aurora Huetwohl Cypress Springs
Kasi Lucio Jersey Village
Katy Robbins Jersey Village
Cameron Vasquez Jersey Village
Courtlandt Harris Cypress Woods
Viviana Zarzoza Cypress Falls
Laney Searcy Cypress Falls
Simone Langland Cy-Fair
Anna Pisaro Cy-Fair
Hannah Scheaffer Cy-Fair
Hailey Sosa Cypress Lakes
Dalis Hughes Cypress Lakes
Sophia Martinez Cypress Lakes
Ashley Spivey Cypress Ridge
Danielle Flores Cypress Ridge
Samantha Muchmore Cypress Ridge
Dom Davidson Cypress Creek
Macy Fogleman Cypress Creek
Madison Kniss Cypress Creek
Kay Samuel Langham Creek
Bianca Gries Langham Creek
Haley Samelson Langham Creek


A total of 120 softball players qualified for the Academic All-District Softball Team, meaning they finished the season in good standing and earned a composite weighted grade point average of 5.5 or higher for all classes for the two identified six weeks that make up the majority of their regular season.

The following athletes made the Academic All-District 17-6A Softball Team:

Academic All-District 17-6A

Name Grade School
Idalia Alarcon 9 Cypress Creek
Madison Kniss 9 Cypress Creek
Casey Irvin 10 Cypress Creek
Courtney Warwas 10 Cypress Creek
Cailee Auck 11 Cypress Creek
Hannah Blang 11 Cypress Creek
Maddi Emmons 11 Cypress Creek
Tori Berlanga 12 Cypress Creek
Dom Davidson 12 Cypress Creek
Adrianne Ortiz 12 Cypress Creek
Jamie Parmley 12 Cypress Creek
Kassy Vivero 12 Cypress Creek
Mackenzie Crews 10 Cy-Fair
Anna Pisaro 10 Cy-Fair
Mikayla De Los Santos 11 Cy-Fair
Sheridan Fisher 11 Cy-Fair
Simone Langland 11 Cy-Fair
Stephanie Martin 11 Cy-Fair
Allison Driskill 12 Cy-Fair
Brianna Gaska 12 Cy-Fair
Summer Harper 12 Cy-Fair
Kinsie Hebler 12 Cy-Fair
Heaven McDonald 12 Cy-Fair
McKenzie Peet 12 Cy-Fair
Jenson Picou 12 Cy-Fair
Carley Ruffino 12 Cy-Fair
Micah Schroder 12 Cy-Fair
Hannah Scullion 12 Cy-Fair
Michelle Wist 12 Cy-Fair
Kieara Hebert 10 Cypress Falls
Alexis Reyes 10 Cypress Falls
Delaney Searcy 10 Cypress Falls
Viviana Zarzoza 10 Cypress Falls
Bryana Novegil 11 Cypress Falls
Briana Valdez 11 Cypress Falls
Madison Watson-Fitzgerald 11 Cypress Falls
Miranda Aguirre 12 Cypress Falls
Melodi Haught 12 Cypress Falls
Melani Maradiago 12 Cypress Falls
Daniela Medrano 12 Cypress Falls
Paige Puckett 12 Cypress Falls
Dominique Salinas 12 Cypress Falls
Elissa Salinas 12 Cypress Falls
Alexandra Shaw 12 Cypress Falls
Madison Soliz 9 Cypress Lakes
Alyssa Razo 10 Cypress Lakes
Alexandria Cox 11 Cypress Lakes
Jolie Readeaux 11 Cypress Lakes
Cortez Sims 11 Cypress Lakes
Hailey Sosa 12 Cypress Lakes
Emily Bonaventura 9 Cypress Ranch
Micaela Garza 10 Cypress Ranch
Blaire McBeth 10 Cypress Ranch
Jordyn Smith 10 Cypress Ranch
Samantha Villarreal 10 Cypress Ranch
Bryce West 10 Cypress Ranch
Karlee Canada 11 Cypress Ranch
Ashley Koncir 11 Cypress Ranch
Hannah Broseman 12 Cypress Ranch
Madeline Godinich 12 Cypress Ranch
Sophia Godinich 12 Cypress Ranch
Julissa Trevino 12 Cypress Ranch
Krystal Huynh 9 Cypress Ridge
Danielle Flores 10 Cypress Ridge
Ashley Gonazles 10 Cypress Ridge
Amberly Rodriguez 10 Cypress Ridge
Taylor Barge 11 Cypress Ridge
Jordan Buettgen 11 Cypress Ridge
Samantha Muchmore 11 Cypress Ridge
Julieanna Padilla 11 Cypress Ridge
Maegan Valencia 11 Cypress Ridge
Jessenia Ramirez 12 Cypress Ridge
Adiana Simmons 12 Cypress Ridge
Jocelyn Mendez 9 Cypress Springs
Kendyl Orsak 9 Cypress Springs
Brianna Juarez 10 Cypress Springs
Brianna Torres 10 Cypress Springs
Zuriel Bagui 11 Cypress Springs
Jalyn Lopez 11 Cypress Springs
Brooke Dibler 12 Cypress Springs
Aurora Huetwohl 12 Cypress Springs
Anna Price 9 Cypress Woods
Meredith Tabor 10 Cypress Woods
Courtlandt Harris 11 Cypress Woods
Brianna Burton 12 Cypress Woods
Katie Culver 12 Cypress Woods
Keely Frazier 12 Cypress Woods
Taylor Gressett 12 Cypress Woods
Ericka Key 12 Cypress Woods
Jordan Llinas 12 Cypress Woods
Carissa Ramirez 12 Cypress Woods
Kyndall Soukup 12 Cypress Woods
Kaitlyn St Clair 12 Cypress Woods
Alyssa Strother 12 Cypress Woods
Raegan Sullivan 12 Cypress Woods
Abriana Whitfield 9 Jersey Village
Hailee Carroll 10 Jersey Village
Bianca Lim 10 Jersey Village
Orelia Velazquez 10 Jersey Village
Alexis Richardson 11 Jersey Village
Katy Robbins 11 Jersey Village
Amber Syzdek 11 Jersey Village
Tiffany Tran 11 Jersey Village
Rebekah Cordray 12 Jersey Village
Kasi Lucio 12 Jersey Village
Elizabeth Muery 12 Jersey Village
Jordan Walker 12 Jersey Village
April Espinoza 9 Langham Creek
Chloe Foust 9 Langham Creek
Rebecca Gownley 9 Langham Creek
Samantha Grabowski 9 Langham Creek
Krystal Rodriguez 9 Langham Creek
Casey Rooker 9 Langham Creek
Haley Samuelson 9 Langham Creek
Hannah Vacek 9 Langham Creek
Maya Vacek 9 Langham Creek
Rebekka Staggs 11 Langham Creek
Taylor Hewlett 12 Langham Creek
Emma Johnson 12 Langham Creek
Kierra McMillon 12 Langham Creek
Courtesy of the District