Student Journalists Win ILPC Awards

Cypress, TX (May 3, 2016) Students from six CFISD high schools won awards at the 89th annual Interscholastic League Press Conference (ILPC), the state journalism convention held at the University of Texas, April 16-17.

Cy-Fair and Jersey Village high schools headlined the distinguished Star Awards ceremony, as both The Reporter (Cy-Fair) and Peregrine (Jersey Village) earned Newspaper Bronze Stars.

0503 ILPC 1 0503 ILPC 2

Cy Woods High School journalism students and Jersey Village High School journalism students

Jersey Village publications adviser Margie Comstock won second place in the Adviser’s Challenge Photography contest, earning praise from the judge:

“This photo made me feel, which is the highest compliment you can give any photograph and rare for a closeup.”

The following high school publications earned ILPC ratings:


  • the Cy-Fair publication, The Bobcat, won an Award of Distinguished Merit;
  • the Jersey Village publication, The Falcon, won an Award of Distinguished Merit;
  • the Cypress Ridge publication, The Charger, won an Award of Achievement;
  • the Cypress Woods publication, The Crimson, won an Award of Achievement; and
  • the Cypress Lakes publication, Legacy, won an Award of Honor.

Print Newspaper

  • the Cy-Fair publication, The Reporter, won an Award of Distinguished Merit; and
  • the Jersey Village publication, The Peregrine, won an Award of Distinguished Merit.

Online Newspaper

  • the Cypress Creek publication, The Cougar Connection, won an Award of Distinguished Merit; and
  • the Cypress Ridge publication, The Rampage, won an Award of Achievement.


  • the Jersey  Village program, JVTV News, won an Award of Achievement.

0503 ILPC 5

Cy Ridge High School journalism students

Many students from Cy-Fair, Cypress Creek, Cypress Ridge, Cypress Woods and Jersey Village high schools earned Individual Achievement Awards at the conference. The following students won first-, second-, third-place or honorable mention awards:

Yearbook Division

First Place

  • Grayson Hall, Cypress Creek – Club/Organization Spread;
  • Taylor Mauser, Cy-Fair – Student Life Photo;
  • Claire Smith and Megan Henson, Cypress Woods – Story; and
  • Megan Grisham, Cypress Woods – Photo Portfolio.

Second Place

  • Jessica Tan, Cy-Fair – Captions;
  • John Sanchez and Alex Slaid, Cy-Fair – Personality Profile;
  • Gracie McIntosh, Cypress Woods – Club/Organization Spread; and
  • Megan Chan and Wounmee Yaka, Cypress Creek – Multi-Topic Spread.

Third Place

  • Jessica Tan, Cy-Fair – Sports Spread;
  • Lesly De Leon, Samantha Mejia and Brian Streit, Jersey Village – Academic Spread;
  • Melissa Reinsch, Cy-Fair – Club/Organization Spread;
  • Ray Alerte, Cypress Woods – Sports Spread;
  • Cloie Luo, Cypress Woods – Class Action Spread; and
  • Megan Chan, Cypress Creek – Class Action Spread.


Honorable Mention

  • Elizabeth Ybara and Amayrani Aldana, Jersey Village – Multi-Format Ad Spread;
  • Elizabeth Ybarra, Jersey Village – Tribute Ad Spread;
  • Kayla Torres, Samantha Mejia and Crystal Hernandez, Jersey Village – Student Life Spread;
  • Rachel Mays, Cypress Ridge – Student Life Spread;
  • Paige Kuhn, Cypress Creek – Sports Spread;
  • Garrett McDaniel, Cy-Fair – Academic Spread;
  • Sandy Nguyen, Ale Garcia and Cade Schaudel, Jersey Village – Club/Organization Spread;
  • Lesly De Leon, Jersey Village – Academic Feature Story;
  • Christine Le and Anthony Ortiz, Jersey Village – Sports Feature Story;
  • Leslie Gonzalez, Jersey Village – Sports Action Photo;
  • Jessica Tan, Cy-Fair – Sports Feature Photo;
  • Christine Le, Jersey Village – Photo Portfolio;
  • Julia Held and Brit Saunier, Cypress Woods – Feature Spread;
  • Gabby Garza and Callie Fontana, Cypress Woods – Academic Spread;
  • Kate Smith, Cypress Woods – Multi-Topic Spread; and
  • Megan Chan, Cypress Creek – Club/Organization Spread.

 0503 ILPC 6

Emmilyne Thomas and Juli Perez of  the Jersey Village newspaper, display the Bronze Star award

Newspaper Division

First Place

  • Laura Barbe, Cypress Woods – Student Art; and
  • Ale Garcia, Jersey Village – General News Photo.


Second Place

  • Jessica Sweeten, Jersey Village – Feature Photo; and
  • Christine Le, Jersey Village – Photo Portfolio.

Third Place

  • Laura Barbe, Cypress Woods – Student Art;
  • Odalys Delgado, Jersey Village – News Writing;
  • Lin Vu, Jersey Village – Personal Opinion Column;
  • Juan Torres, Jersey Village – General News Photo;
  • Leslie Gonzalez, Jersey Village – Feature Photo; and
  • Christopher Hodge, Jersey Village – Sports Action Photo.


Honorable Mention

  • Felicia Hernandez, Cypress Woods – Personal Column;
  • Sujean Shin, Cypress Woods – Personal Column;
  • Kauriana Kendall, Cypress Woods – Page One Design;
  • Leah Torrez, Cypress Woods – Double Truck Design;
  • Juli Perez, Jersey Village – Editorial Writing; and
  • Christine Le, Jersey Village – Sports Action Photo.


Online Newspaper Division

Second Place

  • Caline Forward, Cypress Creek – Personal Column; and
  • Staff, Cypress Ridge – Captions.


Third Place

  • Trevien Thomas, Cypress Creek – Sports Column.


Honorable Mention

  • Jimmy Pacheco, Cypress Creek  – Sports Feature Story;
  • Circe Marez, Cypress Ridge – Entertainment Feature;
  • Kendall Baker and Abby Akard, Cypress Creek – Photo Slide Show;
  • Libby Sullivan, Cypress Creek – Personal Opinion Column;
  • Max Aguilar, Cypress Ridge – Sports Action Photo; and
  • Chloe Crawford and Jackson Glenn, Cypress Creek – Social Media.


Broadcast Division

Second Place

  • Staff, Jersey Village – General News Story.

Third Place

  • Austin Wallis and Drew Gwynne, Jersey Village – Graphics;


Honorable Mention

  • Kailyn Campbell, Jersey Village – Promotion: Commercial: PSA.


Additionally, Jersey Village student Fabi Rodriguez won the TAJE Summer Workshop Scholarship at the ILPC Convention.

0503 ILPC 4

Fabi Rodriguez

Jersey Village’s publications adviser, Margie Comstock, congratulated the Falcons on yet another banner year at ILPC.

“The caliber of publication work that the Jersey Village student journalists produce is phenomenal,” Comstock said. “I am so proud of the JV student publications program. These kids work at producing quality work and having it recognized on the state level is an honor they deserve.”

Cy-Fair’s publications adviser, Lil Harris, credited her students for taking a great amount of pride in their newspaper and yearbook.

“They put so much time and thought into every page and every story,” she said. “I am so grateful that their work has been recognized statewide. They deserve it. They are really incredible young journalists who I am proud to have in my classroom.”

Cypress Woods’ adviser, Abby Paysse, expressed similar pride in her hard-working reporters, designers and photographers.

“Their success is a result of countless hours spent behind the scenes, after school, during lunch and on their weekends honing their skills and applying the suggestions of professionals to their publications to make them better,” Paysse said. “They make my job so much more than just a job.”

Courtesy of the District