Student Journalists Win Press Women of Texas Awards

Cypress, TX (April 30, 2016) CFISD student journalists have been named winners in the Press Women of Texas Edith Fox King 2016 High School Journalism Contest.

The winning entries in each of the categories have been forwarded to the national competition for judging.

The following students from Cy-Fair, Jersey Village and Cypress Woods high schools earned first-, second- and third-place or honorable mention honors:

First Place

  • Cody Brown, Cy-Fair, Opinion;
  • Leslie Gonzalez, Jersey Village, News or Feature Photo;
  • Bri Gonzalez, Cy-Fair, Cartooning;
  • Audrey Gray, Cy-Fair, Single-Page Layout; and
  • John Sanchez and Alex Slaid, Cy-Fair, Yearbook Copywriting.

Second Place

  • Emmilyne Thomas, Jersey Village, Editorial;
  • Juli Perez, Jersey Village, Editorial;
  • Lin Vu, Jersey Village, Opinion;
  • Sujean Shin, Cypress Woods, Opinion;
  • Emily Schulte, Cy-Fair, Opinion;
  • Bri Gonzalez, Cy-Fair, Opinion;
  • Suzy Vazquez, Cy-Fair, Opinion;
  • Melody Berryhill, Cy-Fair, Opinion;
  • Odalys Delgado and Damaris De Leon, Jersey Village, News Story;
  • Nicole Shair, Cy-Fair, News Story;
  • Maddy Portalatin, Cypress Woods, Feature Story;
  • Angelo Gonzales, Jersey Village, Feature Story;
  • Mia Lopez (2), Cypress Woods, Feature Story;
  • Kyle Ransleben, Cypress Woods, Feature Story;
  • Switch Brillo, Cy-Fair, Feature Story;
  • Suzy Vazquez, Cy-Fair, Feature Story;
  • Emme Enojado, Cy-Fair, Feature Story;
  • William Davis, Cy-Fair, Feature Story;
  • Kiara St. Clair, Cypress Woods, Sports Story;
  • Hannah Willingham, Cy-Fair, Sports Story;
  • Claire Mynatt, Cy-Fair, Sports Story;
  • Esmeralda Harvey, Cy-Fair, Cartooning;
  • Emmilyne Thomas, Juli Perez and Juan Torres, Jersey Village, Double-Truck Layout;
  • George Rosales, Lauren Middleton, Yesina Cuellar and Christopher Hodges, Jersey Village, Yearbook Layout;
  • Christine Le, Crystal Hernandez and Elizabeth Deitiker, Jersey Village, Yearbook Layout;
  • Brit Saunier, Cypress Woods, Yearbook Layout;
  • Julia Held and Brit Saunier, Cypress Woods, Yearbook Layout;
  • Zoie Cline, Cypress Woods, Yearbook Layout;
  • Brianna Baiza and Sabrina Sommer, Cy-Fair, Yearbook Layout;
  • Sabrina Sommer, Cy-Fair, Yearbook Layout;
  • Christine Le (2), Jersey Village, Yearbook Photo;
  • Megan Grisham, Cypress Woods, Yearbook Photo;
  • Zoie Cline (2), Cypress Woods, Yearbook Photo;
  • George Holbrook, Cypress Woods, Yearbook Photo;
  • Jessica Sweeten, Jersey Village, Yearbook Copywriting; and
  • Brianna Baiza, Cy-Fair, Yearbook Copywriting.

Third Place

  • Felicia Hernandez, Cypress Woods
    • Opinion and
    • Feature Story;
  • Emmilyne Thomas, Jersey Village, Opinion;
  • Lin Vu, Jersey Village, Opinion;
  • Madeline Christian, Cy-Fair, Opinion;
  • Damaris De Leon (2), Jersey Village, News Story;
  • Bennett Richardson, Cypress Woods, News Story;
  • Blake Nall, Cy-Fair, News Story;
  • Suzy Vasquez, Cy-Fair, News Story;
  • Bri Gonzalez, Cy-Fair, News Story;
  • Leah Torrez, Cypress Woods
    • Feature Story and
    • Double-Truck Layout;
  • Haley Bourdon, Cypress Woods, Feature Story;
  • Jordan Miller and Sujean Shin, Cypress Woods, Feature Story;
  • Cody Brown, Cy-Fair, Feature Story;
  • Julia Ryza, Cy-Fair, Feature Story;
  • Audrey Gray, Cy-Fair, Feature Story;
  • Hannah Woodrum, Cy-Fair, Feature Story;
  • Jordan Miller, Cypress Woods
    • Sports Story and
    • Single-Page Layout;
  • Lily Adam, Cy-Fair, Sports Story;
  • Christine Le, Jersey Village
    • Sports Photo (2) and
    • Yearbook Copywriting;
  • Nicole Shair, Cy-Fair, Review;
  • Emily Schulte, Cy-Fair, Graphics/Photo Illustration;
  • Damaris De Leon, Ashlyn Smith, Sebastian Codero, Marlen Arias ad Samantha Mora, Jersey Village, Yearbook Layout;
  • Julia Held and Kate Smith, Cypress Woods, Yearbook Layout;
  • Julia Held, Cypress Woods, Yearbook Layout;
  • Gracie McIntosh, Cypress Woods, Yearbook Layout;
  • Sabrina Sommer and Melissa Reinsch, Cy-Fair, Yearbook Layout;
  • Nya Peters and Alfa Rodriguez, Cypress Woods, Yearbook Layout;
  • Noor Ahmad, Cypress Woods, Yearbook Layout;
  • Ashley Hoselton, Jersey Village, Yearbook Photo;
  • Megan Grisham, Cypress Woods, Yearbook Photo; and
  • Gabriela Gladney, Jersey Village, Yearbook Copywriting.

Honorable Mention

  • Emiley Smith, Cypress Woods, Editorial;
  • Madeline Christian, Cy-Fair, Editorial;
  • Alexandria White, Cy-Fair, Editorial;
  • Kyle Ransleben, Cypress Woods, Opinion;
  • Julia Ryza, Cy-Fair
    • Opinion; and
    • Review;
  • Hannah Helgren and Hannah Willingham, Cy-Fair, News Story;
  • Kiara St. Clair, Cypress Woods, Feature Story;
  • Switch Brillo, Cy-Fair
    • Feature Story and
    • Single-Page Layout;
  • Kaitlyn Coats, Cy-Fair, Feature Story;
  • Emme Enojado, Cy-Fair, Feature Story;
  • Lizzie Faria, Cy-Fair, Feature Story;
  • Billy Scheurman, Cypress Woods, Sports Story;
  • Madison Murray, Cy-Fair, Sports Photo;
  • John Sanchez, Cy-Fair, Review;
  • Cody Brown, Cy-Fair, Review;
  • Bri Gonzalez, Cy-Fair, Graphics/Photo Illustration;
  • Christine Le, Jersey Village
    • Yearbook Layout and
    • Yearbook Photo;
  • Brit Saunier and Julia Held, Cypress Woods, Yearbook Layout;
  • Gracie McIntosh and Megan Henson, Cypress Woods, Yearbook Layout;
  • Brit Saunier and Cloie Luo, Cypress Woods, Honorable Mention;
  • Ray Alerte, Cypress Woods, Yearbook Layout;
  • Megan Grisham, Cypress Woods, Yearbook Photo; and
  • James Manley, Cypress Woods, Yearbook Photo.

Cy-Fair finished with four first-place awards in the competition.

0430 Press 1 0430 Press 2

Jersey Village student Leslie Gonzales’ image won 1st place; Jersey Village student Christine Le won 2nd place

“I have a relatively new group of young reporters this year who are such hard workers. I love this time of year when they receive recognition for their work from prestigious organizations like Press Women of Texas,” said Lil Harris, Cy-Fair publications adviser. “It is the best feeling as a teacher to tell your students that one of their stories placed in the state among their peers. Then they begin to get it: that they are writing for an audience and what they write matters.”

Jersey Village recorded one first-place and 11 second-place awards.

“Having the professional state organization, Press Women of Texas, award the scholastic journalists involved with student publications at Jersey Village is an honor that each awardee is proud to receive,” said Margie Comstock, Jersey Village publications adviser. “As they work to tell the stories of their high school through words and photos they are preserving school history that many treasure now and more will treasure in the future.”

0430 Press 3

The Cy Woods yearbook staff won several awards
Courtesy of the District