Students Collect 750 Pairs of Sneakers for Haiti

Students and staff at Langham Creek and Cy-Fair high schools collected 750 pairs of sneakers for school children in Haiti through the New Missions program The students, along with Langham Creek principal David Hughes and director of instruction Rebecca Hayes, presented the first batch of shoes to New Missions’ director of development, John Carswell, during a ceremony at Langham Creek on April 29.

New Missions believes the key to ending the cycle of poverty in Haiti starts with education. The organization provides food, clean water, medical care and an education to more than 10,000 Haitian children.

Cy-Fair High School junior Blake Hayes traveled to Haiti over spring break to work with New Missions. He brought the project to Langham Creek, and will help launch it today at Lowery and Copeland elementary schools. Hayes said he is also working to involve other schools in the district.

“Just seeing all the kids there who have literally nothing—minimal clothing, minimal food and no clean water, half of them had shoes with holes in them—seeing the poor environment they are living in and how easy we have it here, it makes you want to give back,” Hayes said.

Hayes added that he was surprised at how quickly the shoes piled up and how many people wanted to help the children of Haiti.

“This is really the first project I have taken part in that has given me the opportunity to know what it feels like to give back,” said Andrew Hadad, Langham Creek sophomore class president. “The self-fulfillment that comes with the charity has been a great experience. We are definitely not done yet. We’re going to keep advocating and growing it until we exceed our goal.”

Langham Creek sophomore Alex Wilson said she was surprised when she would come to empty the box each day during seventh period and it was completely full.

“I was really surprised and thought it would fill up once or twice, but every day it was filled up higher and higher,” Wilson said. “I am proud to be a part of it and thankful to be an advocate for this project.”

Donations can be made through the end of May to the program at Cy-Fair and Langham Creek high schools, Copeland and Lowery elementary schools.

Blake Hayes attributes the successful outcome of the project to having a plan, sharing it with the right people and accepting advice from them. As he helps expand the project to other schools, he said he will “grow it, give it to other people and never give up.”


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Langham Creek High School students gather pairs of sneakers into plastic bags to be donated to Haiti through the New Missions program Students from Cy-Fair and Langham Creek high schools collected 750 pairs of sneakers to allow Haitian children to attend school.

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Representatives from Langham Creek and Cy-Fair high schools present 750 pairs of sneakers for Haitian children to New Missions director of development John Carswell during a ceremony at Langham Creek on Monday.