A Tale of Two Sisters

Cypress Texas
Posted November 30, 2015

Cy-Fair, TX (November 30, 2015) An inside look at a bond between identical twin sisters whose love conquers all

Twins, Casey and Taylor Kirk, were born at 25 weeks old. Casey was born with a minor heart condition while Taylor was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The girls have loved each other through life's obstacles.

Twins, Casey and Taylor Kirk, were born at 25 weeks old. Casey was born with a minor heart condition while Taylor was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Written by Emme Enojado | Photography by Candace Cook

Seventeen years ago, on June 17, 1998, two newborns were born at 25 weeks old with their quality of life and chance of surviving questionable. Before the birth of the twins, parents Denise and John Kirk were told that one of the twins, Casey, had severe heart failure. She was taking too many essential nutrients from Taylor, causing Casey’s heart to work overtime.

Denise and John were forced to make the decision to either keep them in or give them a shot at survival outside. Neither choice was secure. “We leaned on our faith,” Denise says. “We had to be strong, condent, and positive. I felt that if we weren’t, the girls would pick up on that and not survive.”

A Leap of Faith
Casey made it through with a minor heart condition. Taylor was diagnosed with a grade IV head bleed on the right side of her brain two weeks aer birth, developing cerebral palsy. “ey gave us such a grim description of what Taylor was not going to be able to do,” Denise says. “I couldn’t believe the doctor was going through the list of impossibilities as if it was not a big deal. I stopped him in the middle of his sentence and told him that I didn’t care…I wasn’t going to put any limitations on her.” e doctor told Denise that she was giving Taylor a false sense of hope, but he was wrong. She was giving her a chance.

Casey and Taylor are seniors at Cy Woods High School, where Casey is the Wildcat mascot

Casey and Taylor are seniors at Cy
Woods High School, where Casey is the Wildcat mascot

The Twin Connection
Now seniors at Cy Woods High School, Casey and Taylor have not just beat, but triumphed over all odds. Although Taylor misses certain milestones because of her disabilities, Casey makes up for it. They go shopping together on weekends, complete with their traditional stop at Starbucks. They jam to Christian music and attend their church’s Bible studies, where they bond over their faith.

“Even though Taylor has cerebral palsy we still fight, pick on one another, love, and bond like any other sisters,” Casey says. “I think that is what makes our relationship so special. We don’t treat each other any different from normal twins.”

e Kirk family, Jon, Denise, Jay, Casey, and Taylor, have stuck together and triumphed over trials

The Kirk family, Jon, Denise, Jay, Casey, and
Taylor, have stuck together and triumphed over trials

Turning Trials into Triumphs
Life for them isn’t easy, but that doesn’t stop the sisters from loving each other and living life to the fullest.

Casey is Chloe the Wildcat, the mascot whose positive attitude has transitioned into her own life. Casey adds, “When I’m in the suit, even if we’re losing, I have to keep cheering. When something isn’t going my way, I remember that God has a purpose for everything.”

During her sophomore year, Taylor put herself into her idol, Taylor Swi’s shoes by performing in the school’s talent show. As Taylor Swift’s number one fan since her rest hit single, “Tim McGraw,” Taylor sang Swift’s, “Crazier.” Taylor says she felt as if she was Taylor Swift, and loved hearing everyone cheer. “She was so confident, and it filled me with joy to see that she got to participate in something that was her own,” Casey says.

The twins continue to live as a light and inspiration to those who cross their path.

“They inspire me to never give up when things get tough,” their 19-year-old brother Jay says. “They are always quick to fight their battles, and they help me do the same.” CFM