Thornton Student Experiences Texas through Leadership Academy

Cypress, Texas (August 13, 2013)—Thornton Middle School eighth-grade student George Cortez Jr.was selected to travel to the Austin/San Antonio area as a participant in Education in Action’s Lone Star Leadership Academy, held Aug. 7-12.

LeadershipThornton student George Cortez Jr. and fellow Texas students visited the State Capitol during the Austin/San Antonio Lone Star Leadership Academy.

Cortez’s selection for the academy was based on his outstanding academic success, demonstrated leadership ability, a nomination from his counselor, Carla Nelson-Broussard, and his involvement in school and community activities.

Joining a delegation of outstanding students from across the state, Cortez developed leadership skills while learning about the state of Texas and its leaders. He learned about future career and internship opportunities and visited historically, politically and geographically significant sites including the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, LBJ Library, Alamo, Institute of Texan Cultures, Witte Museum State Cemetery, State Capitol, Supreme Court and Aquarena Springs.

The Lone Star Leadership Academy provides unique opportunities for outstanding fourth- through eighth-grade students to learn about Texas. Participants discuss what they learn, complete problem-solving and decision-making simulations, exercise creativity and practice presentation skills in leadership groups.