Track and Field Athletes Qualify for Academic All-district Team

Cypress, TX (May 21, 2016) CFISD track and field athletes qualified for the Academic All-District 17-6A Track and Field team, released this week following the state championships.

0521 Academic Track 1

Jersey Village junior Morgan Stewart (left) and sophomore Creshaun Cresser

Track and field competitors who earned academic all-district recognition finished the season in good standing and earned a composite weighted grade point average of 5.5 or higher for all classes for the two identified six weeks that make up the majority of their regular season.

The following athletes made the Academic All-District 17-6A Track and Field Team:

Girls’ Academic All-District 17-6A Track and Field Team
Name Grade School
Madison Arechiga 12 Jersey Village
Creshaun Cresser 10 Jersey Village
Olivia Gilmour 10 Jersey Village
Jasmin James 12 Jersey Village
Cydni Miller 9 Jersey Village
Clarissa Posadas 10 Jersey Village
Jamaiah Satra 10 Jersey Village
Morgan Stewart 11 Jersey Village
Laura Ameringer 10 Cypress Woods
Iquo Ating 11 Cypress Woods
Elizabeth Bradley 10 Cypress Woods
Amber Byrd 9 Cypress Woods
Eden Carter 11 Cypress Woods
Emerald Carter 9 Cypress Woods
Jessica DeFreese 12 Cypress Woods
Tyra Grover 12 Cypress Woods
Lawrenee Hart 10 Cypress Woods
Faith Isabelle 10 Cypress Woods
Rachel Jackson 10 Cypress Woods
Hannah Jones 10 Cypress Woods
Mallory McKinney 12 Cypress Woods
Layla Ogletree 12 Cypress Woods
Autumn Port 10 Cypress Woods
Mary Rodriguez 9 Cypress Woods
Shelby Smith 11 Cypress Woods
Catalina Spjut 10 Cypress Woods
Jordan Thomas 12 Cypress Woods
Bailey Ashmore 12 Cypress Ranch
Kaitlyn Banas 10 Cypress Ranch
Jalaiya Bartley 11 Cypress Ranch
Brooklynn Barton 10 Cypress Ranch
Lauren Graham 9 Cypress Ranch
Kimberly Haines 11 Cypress Ranch
Laurynn Hogan 9 Cypress Ranch
Victoria Hubler 9 Cypress Ranch
Caitlin Kologeras 10 Cypress Ranch
Grace Kosley 10 Cypress Ranch
Demetrius Lewis 9 Cypress Ranch
Alissa Lykke 12 Cypress Ranch
Hannah Miller 9 Cypress Ranch
Victoria Robbins 11 Cypress Ranch
Keily Sharp 9 Cypress Ranch
Victoria Veserra 9 Cypress Ranch
Samantha Weekes 10 Cypress Ranch
Skye Crawford 10 Cypress Falls
Alexis Dunn 11 Cypress Falls
Lailah Honora 12 Cypress Falls
Jean Jenkins 11 Cypress Falls
Isabel Manahl 12 Cypress Falls
Lindsey Pritchett 12 Cypress Falls
Taylor Shaunfield 12 Cypress Falls
Tamara Vukovic 10 Cypress Falls
Blaire Young 9 Cypress Falls
Erin Young 12 Cypress Falls
Rosamaria Stewart 9 Cypress Falls
Andrea Bonilla 9 Cypress Falls
Maria Blesa 11 Cypress Ridge
Brittany Echeta 12 Cypress Ridge
Melinda Powers 11 Cypress Ridge
Kassidy Shuaib 11 Cypress Ridge
Nia Williams 12 Cypress Ridge
Alie Angelo 11 Cy-Fair
Ashleigh Becker 12 Cy-Fair
Rachel Bonta 12 Cy-Fair
Rebecca Bonta 12 Cy-Fair
Elizabeth Broyles 10 Cy-Fair
Carrie Detering 12 Cy-Fair
Madison Falvey 12 Cy-Fair
Nsenga Hallett 11 Cy-Fair
Valencia Hendrickson 11 Cy-Fair
Lauren Hill 11 Cy-Fair
Ally Kaczynski 11 Cy-Fair
Amber Koeuth 11 Cy-Fair
Raegan Kull 11 Cy-Fair
Penny Mallette 12 Cy-Fair
Valeria Martinez 12 Cy-Fair
Kylie McMahon 11 Cy-Fair
Kindra Mingo 10 Cy-Fair
Caroline Sabotta 12 Cy-Fair
Kaitlynn Schwab 11 Cy-Fair
Hannah Searby 11 Cy-Fair
Taylor Shelenhamer 12 Cy-Fair
Lea Shields 11 Cy-Fair
Camryn Springer 11 Cy-Fair
Jessica Tan 12 Cy-Fair
Millena Tran 11 Cy-Fair
Saige Wright 9 Cy-Fair
Moyosola Mercedes Akinsipe 10 Cypress Lakes
Tyra Buckley 11 Cypress Lakes
Jada Makien 9 Cypress Lakes
Jerie Vuong 10 Cypress Lakes
Chelyse Prevost 12 Cypress Lakes
Samantha Armansyah 10 Langham Creek
Kaitlyn Clark 9 Langham Creek
Courtney Faver 11 Langham Creek
Morgan Faver 11 Langham Creek
Gabrielle Graybill 11 Langham Creek
Kayla Garza Martinez 12 Langham Creek
Rachel Horne 10 Langham Creek
Brooklyn House 9 Langham Creek
Destiny Parker 10 Langham Creek
M’Lin Register 11 Langham Creek
Tai Register 12 Langham Creek
Janna Skinner 10 Langham Creek
McLane Stringer 11 Langham Creek
Lila Tran 12 Langham Creek
Juilanna Vecchio 10 Langham Creek
Alea Mire 10 Langham Creek
Gloria Arellano 9 Cypress Springs
Skylar Bunch 11 Cypress Springs
Erica Cormier Jordan 11 Cypress Springs
Laniya Ivy 11 Cypress Springs
Nikesha Keith 12 Cypress Springs
Ariah Mack 11 Cypress Springs
Tiffany Mack 9 Cypress Springs
Catelyn Phillips 9 Cypress Springs
Samiyah Samuels 12 Cypress Springs
Sierra Smith 12 Cypress Springs
Monique Spruill 10 Cypress Springs
Marina Talor 10 Cypress Springs
Whitney Ochiam 11 Cypress Springs
Ufuoma Okwololo 9 Cypress Springs
Samira Woods 12 Cypress Springs
Shannon Dalane 12 Cypress Creek
Megan DeRouen 10 Cypress Creek
Jemia Goree 9 Cypress Creek
Teressia Grant-Corsey 10 Cypress Creek
Emily Hundley 11 Cypress Creek
Darrian Johnson 12 Cypress Creek
Kaytie Lee 12 Cypress Creek
Morgan Michals 11 Cypress Creek
Kristina Ricks 12 Cypress Creek
Kathleen Walter 11 Cypress Creek
Alexis Woodard 12 Cypress Creek

 0521 Academic Track 2

Langham Creeksenior Jacob McDaniel

Boys’ Academic All-District 17-6A Track and Field Team

Name Grade School
Tien Henderson 11 Cy-Fair
Brock Wright 11 Cy-Fair
Ethan Felske 11 Cypress Creek
John Paul Hite 12 Cypress Creek
Jack Hook 11 Cypress Creek
Mason Biggers 11 Cypress Creek
Kaleb O’Bryant 11 Cypress Creek
Miles Battle 11 Cypress Creek
Ricardo Banks 10 Cypress Falls
Tyler Guillory 12 Cypress Falls
Devall Harris 11 Cypress Falls
Isaiah Lucas 12 Cypress Falls
Kelton Mahon 12 Cypress Falls
Gregory Moulton 12 Cypress Falls
Blake Thompson 11 Cypress Falls
Chris Sirrieh 11 Cypress Falls
Ryan Durling 12 Cypress Lakes
Albert Brothers 11 Cypress Lakes
Max Anthony 12 Cypress Ranch
Logan Compton 9 Cypress Ranch
Caleb Covarrubias 10 Cypress Ranch
Grady Guest 12 Cypress Ranch
Preston Howe 11 Cypress Ranch
Tanner Howe 11 Cypress Ranch
Branndon Marion 12 Cypress Ranch
Sean Marshall 11 Cypress Ranch
Robert Martinolli 11 Cypress Ranch
Casey Mass 10 Cypress Ranch
Mark Pena 12 Cypress Ranch
Alex Smith 12 Cypress Ranch
Zachary Turman 10 Cypress Ranch
Zachary Womack 12 Cypress Ranch
Bailey Dougherty 12 Cypress Ranch
Michael Parodi 9 Cypress Ranch
Michael Betancourt 9 Cypress Ridge
Michael Coleman 12 Cypress Ridge
D’Angelo Ellis 12 Cypress Ridge
William Le 10 Cypress Ridge
Jacob Ortiz 9 Cypress Ridge
Caleb Rogers 10 Cypress Ridge
Tyson Williams 11 Cypress Ridge
Dias Redmand 9 Cypress Ridge
Antonio Lujan 9 Cypress Ridge
Elliott Smith 12 Cypress Ridge
Edwin Aparicio 12 Cypress Springs
Taye Barber 10 Cypress Springs
Rudy Lopez 11 Cypress Springs
Elijah Taylor 12 Cypress Springs
Kyle Meche 12 Cypress Woods
Samuel Landingham 11 Cypress Woods
Trenton Bird 11 Cypress Woods
Jack Barrientez 10 Cypress Woods
Cody Castro 11 Jersey Village
Jacob Clarkson 11 Jersey Village
Ryan Erwin 11 Jersey Village
Shane Erwin 11 Jersey Village
Julio Navarro 12 Jersey Village
Greyson Newton 11 Jersey Village
Cameron Turner 11 Langham Creek
Elias Berkel 10 Langham Creek
Jacob McDaniel 12 Langham Creek
Kacey Pryor 10 Langham Creek
Micah Pryor 12 Langham Creek
Matthew Richardson 9 Langham Creek
Robert Lihou 11 Langham Creek
Scott McCullough 11 Langham Creek
Sebastian Morales 12 Langham Creek
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